Batman Beyond (1999-)

Batman Beyond (1999-)

So I don’t see any posts on here but if anybody comes across this thread and loves Terry McGinnis as much as I do let’s start with a debate.

Dana or Melanie???

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I like Dana more. I feel that she’s more the typical girlfriend type.

Yeah but she’s not very understanding of his “job”
I love Melanie, it’s more of a twisted love story but I’m into it. In fact in the comics right now they’re all older and Melanie is no longer a thief and she knows terry’s secret, as well as Dana, and she’s cool with it.


But also on the other hand seems like the only thing Dana wants to do is go clubbing​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Who do you think would play a great terry in a live action feature wether it be a show or a movie?

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That’s a hard one … I’ll have to think about that one for awhile lol

Dana always feels like she is in the way. Just a tool used to show Terry is missing out on normal friend and families activities. So, no to Dana I can say.