Batman Confidential (2006-)

Batman Confidential (2006-)

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I’m in the second arc of this delightful little series and just wanted to share how awesome it is! The books read like episodes of a fun but well-written 90s cartoon. The writer, for me, has really nailed the inner monologue of The Bats and how Gotham operates. The art leaves a bit to be desired but has interesting vantage points and I’ve actually grown quite attached!

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more folks talking about this one because it is a solid “diamond in the rough”. I’d highly recommend it to any Batman fan. If you haven’t read it - check it out! :batman_hv_1:

:open_book: Batman Confidential (36-Issue Series)

Also, the new origin story of The Joker is phenomenal! I feel that, as opposed to a classic like The Killing Joke, this is more personal for both Jack and Bruce. The tie-ins are super clever and have a lot of meaning behind them. I just ordered the hardback of this arc for my collection. It’s incredible!