Batman: Joker War Discussion

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The Story so Far:

  • It’s Joker War day 3, Bruce is held up in a hotel with his Batman gear laid out across the bed. He gets dressed as he thinks about life and what’s considered good and how to put it all into perspective as it’s his birthday.
  • we are introduced to a cop going after Joker’s thugs as they run rampant through Gotham.
  • Batman gets a call from Lucius whose wearing a mask and advising Bruce about another break in at Wayne Enterprises.
  • The cop and his partner get an alert to a break in a Wayne Enterprises.
  • Batman breaks in, and there’s green smoke and fumes. It’s gone off as soon as he enters the building.
  • Lucius still wearing a face mask is waiting out front when the cops show up. He tells them he called in the break in.
  • Batman recalls his first time using his detective skills at the age of six trying to figure out what he got for his birthday, while he’s inspecting a green stain on the floor of Wayne Enterprises.
  • The cops come in and one of them steps directly on the green stain, a click goes off and the Joker’s voice comes through advising that twinkle toes stepped on a banana skin and they should know what to expect.
  • Everything goes up with a big kaboom and flames. The cop we were initially introduced to calls out to his partner as we see the trap was meant for Batman, as the Joker tells him that Wayne Enterprises is now a party.
  • the cop’s partner dies and he states Batman is the the suspect and he’ll catch him.
  • Batman ends up back in the hotel, stating that this case will go in his Black Casebook. (New detective comics story begins)
  • The Joker is going to Ace Chemicals for the beginning of the end. He also starts to clean house and kills off some of his own thugs.
  • We see ClownHunter killing another one of Joker’s Thugs. Doesn’t say much.
  • Joker talk about how Batman really thinks Gotham is his but that it’s just a delusion and the city has always been his. That the city itself is just as chaotic as he is.
  • Punchline tells Joker how Harley and Batman got away. Joker tells her that just means it’s time for the final act to begin.
  • Batman has his family on a rooftop, Jason, Dick, Signal, Orphan, Red Robin, Spoiler, Harley, and Batgirl.
  • He tells them how he should have never pushed them away, how he should have had let them in from the beginning. He mentions how Batwoman is already working with GCPD on the ground cutting off supply and weapon runs. He lets them know he needs them all to help win this.
  • Batman states he’ll go alone to Ace Chemicals to get the Joker, but Harley and Jason both make a fuss about the no killing rule. Harley is ready to kill the Joker.
  • Barbara stoops the bickering in time for them to notice a projectile headed their way.
  • She advises she’ll head towards the Clock Towet and take out as many goons as she can on her way there. Once there she’ll be coordinating the fight while Dick leads the team on the ground.
  • Batman gives Dick is Nightwing costume back.
  • Catwoman has convinced Penguin and The Riddler to follow her to the legitimate front for the Underbroker. She plans on breaking in and taking her money back and giving a share to each Penguin and The Riddler.
  • As Batman arrives at Ace Chemicals, Harley confronts him again about killing the Joker.
  • Harley tells Batman, that Joker needs to be stopped, to think about how he’ll just find another way to twist Gotham city, how he’ll get another Punchline, another Harley, hoe he won’t stop.
  • Harley makes a deal with Batman, telling if he doesn’t make it, she’ll kill the Joker and if he does make it she’ll still kill him because he shouldn’t get away with the deaths of so many people.
  • Batman doesn’t agree and Harley tells him that he’ll have to put her down then because she won’t stop. (I’m honestly loving Harley’s growth in this story).
  • Batman walks away from Harley and walk in to Ace Chemicals to find the corpse of Alfred with the Joker’s gas coming out of his mouth and the Joker mocking Bruce as if he were Alfred.
  • Batman stands still in shock.
  • Catwoman, Penguin, and The Riddler, break into the Underbroker’s place.
    The Riddler takes care of the cyber security, Catwoman breaks, and Penguin causes a distraction outside.
  • Catwoman then locks out the Riddlers and transfers the funds to a single account, hers.
  • As she’s escaping The Riddlers tries to trap her in the building but since she was the one to get the original floor plans she easily escapes. But the Penguin is waiting for her knowing she’d pull something like this and shoots her in the gut as a warning. The need the codes from her to access the accounts.
  • Detective Hadley saves her with a getaway car and patches her up.
  • She leaves his place as soon as he turns around and takes Luke Fox for a ride. They acknowledge that they know who each other really are.
  • Turns our Selina transferred all the funds to an account off the Caymans under Lucius Fox’s name and she wants him to return Bruce’s stolen funds back to him and Wayne Enterprises and the remaining amount to the low income people of Gotham, advising that it came from Gotham criminals.
  • He tells her they all come after her and she says she knows and that she can take care of herself.
  • Catwoman heads back to Alleytown and takes over The Nest and tells a few kids who tried to rob her that she’s in charge now and to let everyone know.

*let me know if I left anything out

*Also the main Catwoman story seems to take place prior to Luke helping Barbara get her chip back in. Seems to imply that Catwoman isn’t part of the finale act of the Joker War.

I get the feeling that what will happen is that Harley will “kill” Joker, and there’s going to be a question whether Bruce really tried to stop it from happening, or if he allowed Harley to do what he could never do.

Of course, the way he dies is likely to not really leave a body, or has just enough plausible deniability that he can come back when Tynion or another writer wants to use Joker again.


Yeah I seriously doubt the Joker will go away for good. But Harley “killing” him would be interesting.

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