Batman & Robin (2009-) #1

Batman & Robin (2009-) #1

This is probably my favorite run of comics of all time. Dick Grayson is my Batman.


Have to agree this is my favorite run of all time. Along with Batman 692-700.

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This is awesome! Pyg brings the horror!

This is what I wanted from The DC Universe, i been waiting so long to read this! Amazing!

I love this series

The “death” of Bruce Wayne was such a good time for the Bat books. Tim as Red Robin, Stephanie as Batgirl, Dick in the cowl and Damian taking up the robin mantle. It was exciting and different.


Am I the only one who only sees one issue??


There’s only one issue for me too Cris. I keep checking back for more I want to read these so bad…


Whoever wrote the “death” of Batman made for the most exciting time for the Bat family is so right!! I fell in love with the Red Robin series and was obsessed with the Dick as Batman Damian Robin duo. Their relationship developement was great. I hope to see more issues of the series on here soon so I can enjoy it again.

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Wait why is there only the first issue?? That’s one of the reasons I subscribed is so that I can go back and read some of the ones that I missed!

Maybe after the first season of titans is up we can get some more of these. I have a feeling that we’re not gonna see Batman’s face until the end and it’s just going to be a dark reflection of Dick’s fear of becoming Batman that he has to over come. Anyways, I missed this back when it came out and this first issue only left me wanting more.

How the hell do I read this?!?!? I can only see the two cover arts and page 1. I clicked the “Read issue” button and nothing!!

After reading “Batman Eternal” I was unfamiliar with Professor Pyg . Grant Morrison brings a gritty combo of the dark streets of Gotham and the art style of Frank Quitely makes the action pop off the pages. By the time Dick and Damien finally Confront Red Hood and Scarlet in Issue 6. One thing is prevalent, Morrison gets what writing Bat Books are about.

Grayson and Damian: the most fun iteration of Batman and Robin, in my opinion. The character growth of the individual characters, and as a duo, is just perfect.


Probably the most underated batman story ever. Dc choose to keep villains amd relationshipz fresh and new in this story. So many new ideas and yet such a short story. Amazing story none the less.


I was trying to read it

@vangeovanidragon I was going to ask you that
how are you suppose to read it huh?

Working my way backwards. This is a great series!!!

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