Batman: The Animated Series RETURNS!

So ready for this, that show along with the others in the Timmverse helped to shape my love for comics growing up. Dini was always my favorite of the writers so I’m stoked to see what he’ll with characters I already love.


Wooo! Holy Resurrection, Batman. I can’t wait!


I honestly wish they would just make a new show with the animated series. For this service. They might not be able to get mark Hamill because he retired from joker but they could get Conroy, and troy Baker did a wonderful impersonation of hamill in the arkham origins game. I think that would be the best thing they could make for this service and I bet it would get a ton of subscribers. I think it would do better then young justice and harley quinn but who TV do I know? My only gripe with harley quinn is I do not like her new voice actor, kelly cuoco(sp?). Anyways, if not a return to that show. Why not make a new batman show for dc universe anyways? It seems like a no brainer, I mean the harly show is ok and all but batman is the character to have his own show on here, then superman, then justice league. I hope they end up making a batman show for the service. I’m amazed that they do not have one already. Or any batman show on here. Thata the one character that makes sense

I want a Nightwing [animated] series.

I LOVE the cover. I’m guessing that’s what it is with all of TAS batfam. It feels like a more mature version of the animation. Then I saw the panels and it wasn’t like that picture and I was kinda disappointed.