Batman & tmnt Robins Origin story chapter 2

Chapter 2 the 4 turtles that became robin

The person who kidnapped the 4 turtles was a smile clan member. The smile clan members give the 3 turtles to a pet shop owner and kept 1 for the smile clan. The 4 turtles were either gave or taken by force from the pet shop owner. Leonardo was given to two trapeze artist who raised him until they died. Then Leonardo became the first Robin to join Batman. After Leonardo left Batman to become night wing. Batman found Raphael trying to take the wheels off of the bat mobile and Batman recruited him to be his second robin. Then Raphael got killed by the laughing man. Batman took on a three Robin by the name of Donatello who then after a while left Batman and became Red Robin. Batman one of his patrollers he ran into the smile clan members that kidnapped the 4 turtles and saw that the smile clan members just wanted to give him the last and 4th turtle who was Michelangelo. After some training from Batman, Michelangelo became the 4th and final robin to join the Batfamily

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