Batman v Superman

@DeSade-acolyte I know. I just wish they’d stop with the solo stuff. I’m so bored with Batman that sometimes I find myself watching Batman Forever when it’s on tv just because it’s not just him.

I like Batman because of other characters, ya know? Barbara, Dick, Tim, Cassandra, and Jean-Paul.

It’s unfortunate they don’t showcase the family as well as the rogues gallery.

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I’d like them to give the entire “Bat-Fam” a pass. There are so many great heroes and villains out there beyond Batman or Superman and their respective families. Characters with much more interesting stories to tell.

Personally, I think they need to do a Sinestro movie. Bleep all the human GL’s and focus on the greatest green lantern of all time…Sinestro.

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I suspect we’re going to see that on HBO. I’m a big fan of the Dark characters. I’m looking forward to that too. I’m doubting we’ll ever see the characters we really care about on the silver screen.

I’m over Batman too. I’m just saying that if they’re going to continue making movies about him I’d prefer they focus on his support cast. I think they’re much more interesting.

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I wouldn’t mind a Babs Batgirl film, because originally she never looked for Batman’s blessing time do what she does.

She stands alone on that score. No need to ever be taken into the family as a stray puppy.

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Don’t forget that instead of “I beat you!” It culminates into the most legendary meme ever. “MARTHA” should have locked those two messed up children in a basement years ago.

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We may never know. I think Luthor was meant to come off as a complete weirdo; hence his claim to be tried as insane at the end. The only real glimpse we get at the true character is atop the building, and even then I think the argument is mostly that he is too Riddler like. Personally I really enjoyed his dialogue. Well crafted monologues. ZS’ JL 2021

" Thats how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men…cruel."

The best Batman movie ever made, and I could even move to say the best Superman movie as well.

“The fact is, maybe he’s not some sort of Devil or Jesus character. Maybe he’s just a guy trying to do the right thing."

Imagine the toll this would take on the most powerful man on the planet.


I’m more of a both. This movie exemplifies my favorite trope: when heroes meet, they fight.

BVS has my absolute favorite live action Batman scene, the part were he saves Martha.. This scene is the best Batman fight scene ever filmed.

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It’s certainly a sequel to Man Of Steel in that it continues that story, but I think it’s a Superman movie that’s told from Batman’s point of view. The villains (Lex Luthor and Doomsday) are both Superman villains, and outside of Alfred the supporting characters are all from Superman’s world. But the worldview of the movie, that too much power is dangerous in anyone’s hands, is Batman’s.