Batman VS Superman One-Shot

Today was the day we would put ourselves to the test. To solve the answer that had been left unsolved for several years. All would be put to an end as we stepped into the arena. I looked at the man I once saw as an enemy and even closer as a friend and spoke the words I knew he could hear. “Don’t you dare pull your punches,” I said. 

I could see his smirk before he even made it. I stood there in my steel suit that would help prevent myself from getting hurt from the heavy blows I knew he was capable of. In my utility belt I made sure to have extra stashes of kryptonite as well just in case I needed to sort of even the odds if you will. My belt was lined with lead several years ago as I always carry around the kryptonite ready to be used should anything go wrong or we met a kryptonian that wasn’t as kind as the boyscout.

Diana stood in the middle of the ring as we approached the center. She was moderating. “You understand the terms of the battle? The winner shall be declared once one of you cannot get up or surrender to your opponent. You may use whatever you have brought with you and whatever powers you may possess. You may not have assistance from anyone outside of this ring. Are you both ready?” Diana asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I answered.

“You bet,” Clark said.

“Take ten steps away from each other, turn around, and then let the battle begin! May the gods be in your favor,” Diana said stepping aside.

We each took ten steps away before we turned to face each other. I prepared myself as I waited for Clark to make his first move. “You first,” I smirked.

My strategy was pretty simple. Use his strength and speed against him. He sped toward me. He was fast. But I was just as quick. As he went to punch me I quickly grabbed his arm and used it to slide underneath him pulling him to the ground. He used the other arm to grab my cape and threw me in the other direction. We both fell to the ground but quickly bounced back up. Now was my turn to even the odds. I quickly reached into my belt as he sped towards me again and as he went to punch me I pulled out the kryptonite and smashed it against him. It was small enough to not kill him but powerful enough to weaken him to my level. As I did that I followed through by punching him in the gut as hard as I could. I think I cracked a knuckle but it was enough to make him fall back.

Using this opportunity to my advantage I used batclaw to pull him towards me and followed through with another punch. He grunted as he felt the impact and then punched my in the chest propelling me backwards as he was still strong enough to do some damage. I fell back to the ground but quickly got up. Knowing he could take it I quickly used my acrobatics to leap over him but not before spraying explosive gel on his back. BOOM. He felt that one as he fell to the ground. He groaned as he got to his feet, his powers were definitely regenerating quickly. I had to hit him again with another piece before that. I reached for my utility belt but he learned from last time and sped to me grasping me by the neck and slamming me down. I definitely felt that one as his powers were definitely not as weak as they were. I still managed to grab the kryptonite from my utility belt this one was a slightly bigger piece than the last and I shone it in his face. He weakened as he tumbled backwards from the radiation. “Ugh,” he said as he tried to hide his face from the kryptonite.

I put the kryptonite back into my belt as I used this opportunity to throw a batarang that exploded as it hit him in the chest. He stumbled backwards as I then slid past him and grabbed his cape and propelling him over my head as I kicked him in the air sending him flying into the wall. He groaned from the hit still weak from the kryptonite. He struggled to his feet as I wasted no time throwing a sonic batarang which hit behind him and released a deafening noise. He grabbed his ears trying to block out the noise to focus as I punched him as hard as I could in the neck with an uppercut and followed through with my left hand.

I punched him again and again and again until he caught my fist and squeezed it. If it weren’t for the suit he would have crushed it. Then with his other fist he punched me square in the chest causing my to fly backwards into the other wall across the arena. Regaining his strength he flew towards me, grabbed me by the neck and kicked off the wall flying at top speed into the wall on the other side slamming my back into it.

I groaned as I felt a broken rib, but I wasn’t going to let him win. I could tell he was still a bit weakened from the kryptonite despite acting strong so I slipped my hand into a compartment that contained electric brass knuckles and slipped them on before punching him in the jaw as hard as I could. He went flying backwards and landed on the ground in the middle of the arena. I then used my grappling hook to speed towards him and drop kicked him. He fell to the ground again. “You’re a good fighter,” he said.

“I know,” I said. “I’ve trained with the best.”

“And you’re stubborn. Which means this fight could go on for awhile,” he continued.

“What’s your point, do you want to keep doing this or not?” I asked.

“My point is I don’t think there is a resolution to this,” he said. “We are equal in more ways than people realize. We are stronger than each other in areas obvious, but weaker than each other just the same. I concede the challenge because I don’t think there really is a true winner. I see us more as equals than anything. What do you think?”

I rolled my eyes, “Spoken like a true boy scout,” I said. “So you want to go grab some milkshakes and burgers?”

“Sure,” Clark said.


Wonder Woman’s a nice choice of referee, because if the chips were down, she could whoop them both.