Batman vs TMNT animated film

Can anyone inform me on a release date of the Batman vs TMNT animated film on DV Universe app? I’m hearing great things about the film hard to wait.

DC* Universe

They don’t have a release date. They have no news on it. It’s probably difficult to secure the rights to since it features characters owned by another company. However, you can look forward to the upcoming Batman: Hush movie, which will be on this service the same day it releases on DVD.

Well DC Universe announced that for all DC Animated Original Movies, the same day that they come out on Blu-ray and DVD is going to be the same day that they are released on the streaming service. Batman vs TMNT should arrive on DC Universe on June 4th. I hope that this helped.

I think both JLvsF5 and Reign came out tte same day they were available via streaming rental, I specifically remember thinking I won’t buy them off iTunes because I can watch them free in a few weeks.