Batman vs TMNT coming to this app??

Is Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles going to be available here since we pay monthly?


Paying monthly is a weird reason for a specific movie to be on here, and you don’t have to pay monthly.


I don’t see why not

Keep asking and you may pressure them XD


How many times are people going to ask this question?


@superby1 They’ll keep asking until there’s something else that comes out that doesn’t show up on here. I really wish people would learn to use the search bar, or like, maybe a Mod could make an announcement saying there are no plans for the movie to be on the service.


Why isn’t Endgame on Netflix? I mean I pay for it monthly.


@ColdSmokeMike, ain’t that the truth!

When is Hellboy coming here?
Also The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Sleepwalker, and Little Annie Fanny.

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When are we getting the Marvel comics library?

For everyone who is mocking the question. Could you please tell me when Nick bought Batman? The last 2 DC animated movies were available on here the same day they were released on home video. So why is it strange to expect at least a limited release of this one that was a joint Nick/DC production. I mean we all pay for this either yearly or monthly for a reason.


@geisman3 People are just tired of how many times this question has been asked. The mods answered it a long time ago and community members answer it whenever it comes up, but it just doesn’t stop.

Also, only DCUAOMs Come to this service the same day they release on DVD, and Batman vs. TMNT isn’t a DCUAOM. That’s why it’s not right to assume it will be here.

Still, I understand why people ask. But if they did a little bit of digging they would find there’s been, like, a dozen threads on the topic.