Batman vs TMNT...Literally!

After having watched the movie last year and being challenged by someone to come up with the 10 best Batman films recently, I have a two pronged question, as well as my own take with regards to it: 1) Is this really one of the 10 best Batman films amongst the fanbase here? The TMNT themselves don’t have more than 10 movies but I’m pretty sure if they did, this would still be in the Top 5 TMNT movies. 2) I also want to know how the Batman characters came off in the eyes of the fans here?

My take is that out of the 7-8 movies that the TMNT have produced, I put it at #2 behind the 1990 movie. But that’s largely because their overall movie quality is not in the same league as Batman’s and they got represented much better than the Batman characters did. At times there were signs of Kevin Conroy’s BatMEN from this version of the character, but he was so much of a pushover in the end. He shouldn’t have needed help to beat Shredder and I really doubt he would’ve ended up mutated by the Joker, there’s also this really lame speech by Raphael near the end of the movie that Batman should’ve never bought under any circumstances! Much of the Batman rogues were also reduced to what felt like glorified cameos. Dare I mention they were a little inconsistent with the combat? Batman can’t beat Shredder (even though he should IMO) but he can beat the TMNT who can beat Shredder? Uh…

Basically what I’m trying to say is that we know that the Batman franchise is perhaps the best out there. One of the best heroes, certainly the best Rogues Gallery out there, there’s more attention to detail and psychological depth, etc. The TMNT franchise is also enjoyable but it’s not in the same league as Batman. So, before I get to my lists, I just feel that if the filmmakers raised the TMNT elements to the same level and standards of the Batman franchise (particularly their villain(s)), this would’ve been a great movie. But, while I still believe that while the filmmakers were trying to be fair to both franchises, they ended up bending over backwards to the TMNT franchise so much that they instead lowered the Batman elements to accommodate the TMNT franchise (which is ironic because DC and WB obviously outnumber Nickelodeon 2-1). I think that was a mistake because that resulted in a good movie when they could’ve ended up making a GREAT movie! Anyhow, here are my lists (and as you’ll see, “Batman vs. TMNT” is not in the Batman list):

TMNT: #1-1990 movie, #2-Batman vs. TMNT, #3-TMNT II, #4-2007 animated movie, #5-Turtles Forever*
Batman: #1-The Dark Knight, #2-Return of the Joker, #3-Mask of the Phantasm, #4-Batman Begins, #5-1989 movie, #6-The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, #7-Batman Returns, #8-The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, #9-The Dark Knight RISES, #10-Batman vs. Two Face
–There probably would be another animated Batman movie or two (or more) on this list but DC Universe has screwed me out of watching a lot of them here.

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My thoughts as a fan of both franchises.

TMNT 1) Turtles Forever 2) Secret of the Ooz 3) first movie 4) Vs Batman 5) TMNT

Batman 1) The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 2) Batman Returns 3) The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 4) 1989 5) Scooby-doo and Batman the Brave and the Bold 6) Mask of the Phantasm 7) Under the Red Hood 8) Return of the Joker 9) vs TMNT 10) 1966.