Batman vs tmnt on dc universe yes or No

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Probably someday.

I hope so

Other new DCU movies were added here on the physical release date. I hope this will be. I’m trying to see if there was an official post on this particular movie, since it includes the TMNT.

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I joined this site to watch all DCAU movies. Whats the deal? What am I paying for?

Off topic, but how are the comics? I haven’t purchased them, and I also haven’t looked for them on the site. However, my friend family shared the movie with me on iTunes, and I had a wonderful time watching it. I am thinking that I should just go ahead and buy the graphic novels now. Any thoughts on this?

The graphic novels were very fun, and prettier to look at than the movie. As for the movie coming here, I wouldn’t rule it out because it does have an additional release date. I wasn’t able to rent it on iTunes until next month which I believe is also the physical release date.


1.)Batman vs. TMNT isn’t in the DCAU
2.)They never claimed it would have all the movies, it’s not realistic for them to have all the movies (especially right after the movies release), and you could have checked what was included before paying.



@Claudekent welcome to DCU. I don’t know how long you have been a subscriber but if you read comics then that alone is worth the price. If you don’t read comics then I would recommend Titans and Doom patrol if you like more mature content. If that’s not your cup of tea then maybe check out young justice it’s more for kids and teens but it is a good quality series. More stuff is getting added it just takes time. Swamp thing will launch in 2 weeks season 2 of Titans is in production and a Harley Quinn animated series is getting added in October. This service is only like 8 months old. Plus you get to interact with charming folks like myself. I hope you find something that you like for your $8 a month. Good luck to you.

In another thread a mod (BeastBoy) said there was no news to share on this.

Other posters have suggested that this movie may be different from the original DC animated movies because of TMNT licencing or whatnot and also that the movie isn’t under he ‘original’ line like Death of Superman.

@weapon u don’t have to purchase the comics on here they are included in the subscription

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It was such a good movie. Might be my favorite animated movie.