Batman vs. TMNT

Hi - sorry if this is published elsewhere on the boards, but I couldn’t find any posts.

Will we get access to watch Batman vs TMNT on this platform? I just saw an ad on Facebook that I could buy this now on digital/blu ray/etc, so I’m hoping it’s available on here soon. Any thoughts?


Unfortunately we will not be hosting Batman vs. TMNT on DC Universe in the near future :frowning:


Thanks for your reply and excellent moderation. I think you’ve been an excellent spokesperson through the past couple days. I plan on staying around longer than the near future so I’m not worried.

Hoping I’ve still got your attention, it would also be great to see Return of the Caped Crusaders 1 and 2. I haven’t seen part 2 and was hoping it’d eventually turn up here.

Is there a system or process by which subscribers can request existing DC media?

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That’s very generous of you, thank you :slight_smile:

As for Caped Crusaders, you’re in the right place! Moderators take suggestions made in the Support & Feedback category and populate it in our internal suggestion sheet for our content team to review. I’ve added these animated movie requests (right? Not the comic volumes?). No promises that they’ll be added, but the request will cross the desk of the right people!

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Great, thank you! Yes the animated movies voiced by Adam West.

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