Batman: Year 100 (2006-) #1

Batman: Year 100 (2006-) #1

Good read, cool environment to see Batman.


I forgot this book existed. Never read it back in the day, so I figured I’d check it out here.

Very interesting concept. Leaves you with just enough questions that you’re intrigued to go on but not in a way that gets in the way of enjoying the read.

I like the art quite a lot even though it was a bit of a turn off in the beginning. It’s an art style I don’t know if I like in a superhero comic. At the same time, however, I feel it suits the strange, alien setting. It makes you feel, as the reader, out of your element. It’s not the Gotham we know and the art really gets that across.


Fantastic read. The artwork is phenomenal and suits the story so well.

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