Batwoman Gets Full-Season Order From the CW

Awesome can’t wait to see what the rest of the show has in store.

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I like the show. I’m looking forward to batman showing up.

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I’d be surprised if Bruce appears outside of Crisis, but that would definitely be a welcome appearance

This is the biggest problem in the industry, copyright ownership. They need to start limiting their cotracts with 3rd party interest groups to retain ALL rights despite letting them have a taste. Learn from Lucas, and protect that which is most valuable to your audience - continuity and a full cast. Marvel’s shiningturd “Infinity Wars” was missing so many X-men because of this stupidity.

This intriguing now she left

Well her departure doesn’t change the fact that the show got renewed for a full 2nd season, it’ll just be happening w/ someone else as Kate. Whether or not this’ll end up impacting Batwoman’s chances of getting renewed beyond that, though, remains to be seen