Because of Doom Patrol

Because of Doom Patrol I’m officially done with anything that has to do with the X-Men. Doom Patrol seems to be a lot funnier and more relatable than anything Marvel has ever done with the X-Men. And it’s blatantly obvious that Stan Lee ripped off DC Comics.


They’re similar yet very different. I doubt Stan Lee meant to do a rip off but even if he did, that doesn’t automatically make it bad

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X-Men’s a lot like Doom Patrol, and Doom Patrol’s a lot like the Fantastic Four, and the Fantastic Four’s a lot like Challengers of the Unknown… :wink:


What if i told you that it is ok to like both?


Brian with the legit question and answer!

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I believe that both DC and Marvel have been inspired by each other over the decades.

Ever wonder why there is a Captain Marvel in the DC Universe? :wink: Look up how that happened.



Its your decision Dark but really as already mentioned Dc and marvel have been copying off one another for heck they even copy off themselves… Over the years Oliver Queen 's character was changed a good bit but when he first arrived in the comics he was basically Bruce Wayne in another town with another suit and different weapons. Lets see 1) both had a TON of money so the could buy or build just about anything they wanted. 2) both considered “playboys” when off duty with a variety of girl friends. 3) neither had any real super power just very well practiced fighting skills along with a variety of gadgets. Brian 5150 said it best there is absolutely no reason why you or anybody can not like and watch them both.

Oh think I’ll add this one… just to show it worked BOTH ways. in 1939 Marvel Comics had Namor "the Sub mariner who was and this is a direct copy from the wiki page “The mutant son of a human sea captain and a princess of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis” The guess who arrived in the comics in November 1941? Yep Aquaman. LOL Like I said they have been ripping each other off and playing copy cat for decades.

Now I c an see where you’d get the XMen comparison with both The Chief and Xavier confined to wheel chairs but I don’t recall an X man that was really just a brain stuck inside a robot body. My favorite member of the Dom Patrol is Crazy Jane and for the life of me I don’t remember any Xmen with that many powers or that many personalities.

I love the X-men

Who came first Legion or Crazy Jane?

I know Jane was a later addition to DP but they are mirror images

Arnold Drake always agreed with you, really really Dark Grey. But the various versions of the two properties have different joys-- and let downs. For me, anyway.

Here here!!! Plus least the Doom Partol don’t flood the comic book rack like the X-Men…there is like 15 X books out there. It’s absurd!!! Even worse none of it matters but that seems to be the marvel way with there books. Something big happens and few months later it’s like it never happened…it a waste!

I agree that Doom Patrol is more fun, but X Men is still my favorite part of Marvel Comics.

Thank you everyone for keeping it classy