Best Barry Allen stories ever?

Ok, I’m a long time Wally West Flash fan It’s nothing against Barry, but Wally was the guy Running the show when I came in. He was my age when I started reading (22)

All that being said, I’ve been working hard to collect all of Barry’s original run between the archive editions and the Crisis.

My question is for all those years of Barry’s stories which are the best?

Looking forward to your reccomendations

There is the awesome Barry Allen Flash Silver age run right here.
Issues 105-175.
Then there is some bronze age issues 176-215.
IMO those are some of the best comics DC put out in that era.

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I wonder when more Bronze Age will be digitalized? These are the stories I would like to read. They take me back to being a kid


Even as a kid, the “trial” issues, the last 20,30(?) issues of the original run always tripped my trigger. Just something lil me had never seen before, especially in a DC book where at the time one n dones and simple 2 parters were the norm.

One of the best Barry Allen stories runs through issues 323-350 and features The Trial of The Flash by Bates and Infantino. It’s the last Barry Allen story before COIE and a consummate coda to the Silver Age run of The flash.

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