Best DC Dad?

I agree that he is a great dad in the tv show but an utter jerk in the comics

What do you think about Jor-El? Had to be tough to shoot your only son into the unknown. He did exactly what any father should do which is protect his own. No way to really tell how good of a father he would have been but he was pretty good considering the small sample size…

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Pennyworth or Jonathan?

Just think back on the first time Clark and Bruce met. Drawn by Tim Sales, Pennyworth, after the Wayne’s death, takes Bruce on a road trip. They stop along a road, where Bruce, from the back seat of a huge limousine, watches Clark play catch with his best friend. Those classic panels provides an insight to the differences between these two iconic characters, their backgrounds, and their relationship with their parents.

Don’t get me wrong, Pennyworth is a great caregiver, but he is a butler, an employee thrust into a role that is defined and constrained by enormous wealth and privilege.

Clark, on the other hand, after that baseball game, probably had to go milk cows, bring in the livestock, help dad repair the tractor, set the table, then do homework. He didn’t become the boyscout that he is without the discipline and love of his parents. Plus, the Kents desperately wanted that kid.

So in summary, in the DC world, Jonathan has every one beat as best dad.

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Pat Dugan. All the poison pineapples he has to deal with from his son and step daughter.

Thomas Wayne being last is kind of hilarious.

Jim Gordon being second-to-last is outright offensive.


My vote is Jonathan. Clark turned out to be incredibly self sacrificing and compassionate.

Sadly, I don’t think Alfred was a good dad. I really want to believe he was, but he raised a Batman. Granted that transformation was Bruce’s choice as an adult, but Alfred saw first-hand the consequences of that life. Despite all of that, he didn’t seem to fight very hard against child after child being converted into a Robin. :frowning_face:

Well his daughter did get shot in the back and has been tortured multiple times. His son, in a few stories, is a mass serial killer.

What happened to Jason Todd rules bruce out in a realistic sense. In a fantasy sense, he creates a scenario where orphaned boys are adopted by a billionaire who is secretly Batman and become his partner in fighting crime. But we’ve seen the dark side of that and we can’t really go back.

Clark Kent is not in danger…he is the danger! We’ve all seen elseworlds versions of what Superman might be like if it wasn’t for his adopted parents. Johnathan Kent all the way

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Ra’s Al Ghul
He may be somewhat sexist, but Talia is a string, independent and bad-a$$ woman. She don’t take no :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

@bundy792.40990 I wouldn’t say Darkseid is a good father. Orion was actually raised by Highfather, as for Scot Free… well I don’t think he’s as happy and stable as he usually appears to be, (look into Tom King’s Mister Miracle miniseries if you don’t know what I’m referring to about Scot.) But if you look at his other children, Kalibak although part of his Elite, is still practically a slave when you analyze it, Grail and Graven were actually not raised by Darkseid either.

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Alfred Pennyworth is in my opinion is the best DC father. He took care of Batman after the death of his parents, and he is also a badass.


I think I’m just biased towards Jim because my dad was a cop lol

My dad was the world’s heavy weight boxing champion, harnessed the power of stars, and had an asteroid inside of his chest. That is why I am biased towards Wildcat, Starman, and Green Lantern.

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Jonathan “Pa” Kent.

Jonathan Kent