Best Nine Person Titans Team

Based on all Teen Titans and Titans titles and movies

Teen Titans Judas Contract Movie
And Titans show here
And Titans Hunt comic.

My choice leans on the Judas Contract team

Starfire and Nightwing leaders

Previous class, still in tower
Conner Megan Victor

Rachel, Gar, Blue Beetle and Tara, not a traitor.

I would love to swap Jamie for Jessica Cruz. But Justice League Odysses is not a Titans title, even though Kori and Victor are in it.

Kyle is available though.

The original teen titans are as they were in the animated movie beginning

Wally West
Roy Harper
And a very young Beast Boy.

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The Teen Titans was and has always been about legacy characters so the OG sidekicks have to be apart of it! Dick, Wally, Donna, and Aqualad but Kaldur’ahm is obviously the better version of the character so use him instead of Garth. While Roy is a OG sidekick I feel he would be better solo so take Artemis instead. There is no Teen Titans without Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy. And last Bumblebee, I always thought she was interesting.

Grayson, Troy, Jaime, Kaldur, Kori, Raven, Miss Martian, Mas & Minos.

My ideal Titans team would contain 12 members, not 9:
Robin (Dick)
Wonder Girl (Donna)
Kid Flash (Wally)
Green Lantern (Kyle)
Aqualad (Garth)
Miss Martian
Red Arrow
Beast Boy

Like an ideal nine-member lineup?

I’ll say: Nightwing, Donna, Flash (Wally), Tempest, Roy, Raven, Cyborg, Jericho, Jesse Quick

I like all of the original founders (well, I’ve always found Garth a little bland, but it would be awkward if he were the only one not in). Raven, Cyborg, and Jericho are the Wolfman-era additions that I actually like. Jesse Quick feels a little redundant with Wally, but I liked what Devin Grayson did with her in '98 Titans, so she seemed like my best candidate to round out the group.

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Now that the series is over and hopefullu a new Comic Book TItle coming

I am revising my 9 person team
Based on
Membership in Comic Book Title
Male female ratio
Power Set
No redundancies No multiple Robins, Amazons or possible traitors

Heavily influenced by

DC Universe series
Animated movie Judas Contract
Tern Titans 2003 by Geoff Johns

Common to.all three sources are
Nightwing adult leader
Starfire adult leader
Beast Boy

Next up is Cyborg completing the group from thr animated series. Also an adult like in 2003 Tern Titans

From the TV series
Donna Troy adult
Conner trainee

Finally from the
Judas Contract

Terra not a traitor anymore
Blue Beetle some redundancy with Cyborg

So four female’s


Five males

Beast Boy
Blue Beetle



Beast Boy
Blue Beetle

So six member from Live action
All five from Animation series
All but Damien Wayne from Judas Contract

Eliminated from TV live action series
Ravanger/Jerico replaced by similar more powerful Terra

Also considered

Jessica Cruz instead of Blue Beetle but not a titan

Roy Harper because of Donna Troy Also dead

Wondet Girl Cassie or Miss Martian for interaction with.Conner

Did not consider
Wally West Flash Marv Wolfman took him out of Titans because he could solve all threats with his super speed

Tempest redundant to Donna. Magic dkills not rasy to say what they are or when he would consider using them.

Question would be how TV series handle power set of Cyborg Terra Blue Beetle.

For Comic Book.Title when Nightwing regains leadership after Doomsday Clock Donna is not dead nor Terra a traitor. All are available except maybe Conner who is in Young Justice. Roy no longer dead may have to replace him.