Birds of prey. Rental!

I made a thread on this but I think it got wiped back in the 1.0 community apocalypse.

This thread is telling everything wrong with this movie.

So, if you aren’t a Birds of Prey fan then you won’t see the problem. If you are… you will. If you aren’t familiar with them go check ‘em out. They’re awesome.

Let’s start our list of everything they are doing wrong.
• no Barbara Gordon. ahem dramatic music please. Ok now, where was I? Right, NO Barbara Gordon.
•Cassandra Cain is talkative, not a total boss, and just not good enough for me.
•Harley Quinn? They should’ve just gone with a Gotham City Sirens movie instead
•An R rating? I don’t know how joker went, and I don’t know how this will either.

Do you agree? Am I the only one who isn’t excited for this?

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