Boom's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Revamp Comics

I was extremely worried about the revamp, but three issues in and I am really feeling this updated Buffy. I am really digging this version of Cordy. And Camazotz is instantly something I want more of. So cute! The art is better than all of the Dark Horse comics; it’s such great likenesses, but feels so fresh. The writing is pitch perfect Buffy. I never thought I would want to see a Buffy reboot, but this comic has given me faith that the new TV series might be worthy.

Have any of you read it?
How are you feeling about it?
What are your favorite moments so far?
What are you not digging?
Are you excited for the new show?


It has impressed me, both with the book’s ability to evoke my old Buffy feels and yet drag me into a new age. The author has the characters’ voices down cold, and the new remixes/monkey wrenches are intriguing.

I do agree that the art is quite good, but I don’t agree that it’s better than the Dark Horse stuff (I’m a big Georges Jeanty fan).

After the first issue, I felt forced to get my DVDs out and rewatch some of Season One. :grin:


@christowhit You’re right, I shouldn’t have compared the art to the Dark Horse run that way. I loved a lot of the art there. I am just blown away by the art in this run.

Yea, I am itching to do a rewatch, too.

How are you feeling about the impending new TV show?

I read the first issue. It was decent but not the best. I liked the Faith and Angel comics.

@HarutheCatgirl I really enjoyed all of the canon comics. I am excited to see what Faith will be like in this new series. And Angel. Neither have showed up yet in the Boom books.

Really, this new book is the first step towards Buffy being a legend, in that, it’s possible that the world could have 80 years of Buffy some day. And I kind of like the sound of that.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my most favorite thing ever. I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched the show all the way through (ok… really it’s probably 4 or 5). I read the first season on the Dark Horse continuation but fell off after that. I actually like when stories end and don’t go on forever. So I decided Buffy’s story had ended for me.

I read the first issue of the Boom series, and while I thought it was good I didn’t feel compelled to keep going. Sometimes I just can’t get into licensed comics because they always feel like an imitation of the original material. The first Dark Horse series (season 8) didn’t feel that way, but this did to me. Maybe I’ll revisit after a couple trades are out. Right now I don’t feel any need to stay current. The art is pretty fantastic. I definitely agree with that.

I’m glad to hear others are enjoying it. There should always be new Buffy material in the world. If we consider Buffy a superhero, then she is my favorite superhero EVER!


@OldManJonah Buffy is also my favorite thing ever. It is what brought me back into comics as an adult, and Joss Whedon’s work means more to me than just about any other product of human minds.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I can’t resist these new books. So I can be your sentinel, watching and waiting to see if it lives up to your desires. What would you like to see in a reboot book?

Or are you holding dogmatic in the original canon? Depending on what day you catch me, I might have a different answer to that question, too.

A fan of Buffy is a friend of mine. Glad we have some in this community.

I cosplayed as Buffy at the first con I went to

@HarutheCatgirl That’s awesome! Was there a particular season, episode, or scene that you sourced for the cosplay?

@BatmanOfZur-En-Arrh Yeah I guess part of me is so beholden to the original cannon, I see no reason so go muddling around with it. So a “reboot” just doesn’t appeal to me. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Whatever keeps Buffy in the world I’m cool with.

I feel the same way for the pending TV show. Part of me is super excited. I definitely will watch to see what’s going on. But I much rather see/read/support something that reboots but at the same time doesn’t just give us new versions of the same characters.

But seriously, typing all this out resparked my interest in the Boom series. I just love Buffy. I want more Buffy. And I just totally just remembered Jordie Bellaire is writing. And she’s awesome. I love her as a comics creator, so I might jump back on because I really want to support her ventures into writing.

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@OldManJonah I hope you do. I would love to hear your thoughts and discuss them with you.

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It’s been really good so far, it’s got the same heart and soul of the TV show. I didn’t really dig the Dark horse run, it just didn’t have the same spirit as the tv show. But this reVAMP feels like a natural extension of the show. I think alot of modern Reboots could learn a thing or too from this comics. The Buffy comic is probably one of the best done reboots in years.


@RagdollRebel I definitely think Joss and Co. got excited in Season 8 about having Buffy in the comics medium and definitely told a different kind of story. But I felt the Season 9 adjustment brought them back into a familiar tone. Did you not read that far? Or do you feel like the entire Dark Horse run was out of the show’s spirit?

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I’m subscribed to the series because I don’t live close to a comic book shop so I get it mailed to me. I really like it. There are some things that I kinda don’t like which is how Willow is so confident and Cordelia being nice. I’m just curious how her character will grow if she is so confident now vs back in season one. I hope that Cordelia is secretly rude or mean. Nice Cordelia is odd. I like how they are stressing how Xander feels left out of the trio so early on. I just received issue #2 earlier this week and screamed when I saw the subscriber cover. It was inspired by the season 3 finale.

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@Flamebird23 I don’t know that Willow is that much more confident. I think they just decoupled her sexuality from her confidence issues, so she is openly gay in this new version. But she seems to be at a level of confidence she had when she was with Oz.

Regarding Cordy, I also was taken aback at first by how nice she is. But I find it very interesting, and look forward to seeing the chinks in the armor.

Let us know what you think after you read issue 3.

Okay, one of the downfalls to being a subscriber is that I have to wait a week after its released to get it

@Flamebird23 I am doing mine on Comixology. The downside there is I pay the same amount for the right to read it as long as their service is around. But if they go out of business, I will most likely lose everything I bought. I don’t get a piece of physical material that I own. It’s downsides all around. Issue 3 was my favorite so far, so I think you are in for a treat.

@BatmanOfZur-En-Arrh That must suck. I paid $38.30 for the subscription that last a year and I get 12 hard issues with a special cover that Boom doesn’t release for individual sales. If you were to do the same with comixology and buy 12 issues for 3.99 each thats about $48 and you can’t physically touch them.

Subscriber Cover:

@Batmanof Zur En Arrh I think I only made it half way through the season 8 comic, it just wasn’t for me. And some of the things I read about it after I stopped reading really turned me off and made not interested in trying to get back into it, in particular the Xander and Dawn relationship, that’s just kinda gross. I’m really digging the Boom reVAMP though, seems like they are taking Xander in a interesting direction ( as you might be noticing Im a bit of a Xander fan lol)

@Bozea, I think it may have been Once More With Feeling

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