Breaking Swamp Thing Original Series News!

Old Swamp Thing content needs to be added before the new show comes out.


Sure would appreciate that

Idk how excited you are?, but I’m pretty sure I’m as excited if not more than you lol. I can’t wait I used to watch the Wes Craven 1982 swamp thing on a loop when I was a kid. VCR tape had to be close to burnt up.


Every bit of news leaves me wanting to see this series more and more


I don’t agree that Alan Moore’s run is the best place to start reading. In my opinion, Moore’s run is so excellent because it melds seamlessly with the foundation that already existed.

Moore’s talent is seen by taking a well known character, keeping it the same, and completely turning it on its head at the same time.


The buzz alone is enough to get me excited! Gonna go get super-hype by reading the Swamp Thing series…series-es…seri? lol!


About 15-20 years ago, I bought the entire Swamp Thing volume 2 run off of ebay (the one with Alan Moore and Mark Millar’s runs). Nowadays, it’s hard to find stuff like that on the internet for a reasonable price.
But man, what an awesome deal!