Bug Reporting and Feature Requests

Hey everyone!

First off, I’ll start by saying how much I love the service and that I love the constant updates in both technical and content.

That being said, is there an official thread or space for bug reporting in the app? I know we can email support@dcuniverse.com but it seems like a space here in the app would be faster and more convenient for the user. It would also allow other users to respond with known fixes to problems so maybe the devs wouldn’t have to.

Second, what’s the official policy or place for requesting specific content? I’ve heard lots of different things to communicate what we want ranging from the community section to using the like feature on similar content already in DC Universe.

I love being a part of DC Universe and can’t wait to see it grow even more!

PS Anyone as pumped as I am for Titans???

The reader malfunctions and the app hesitates before carrying out commands. Like a computer moving slowly. That’s all I’ve seen.

And closed captions never turn off in the browser. It is really freaking annoying, and its ridiculous it still hasn’t been fixed.

The official way to report bugs is through the Help Center listed at bottom of page:

Our community moderators are dedicated to the conversation and quality of the forums, and are unfortunately unable to address bugs and technical issues.

We are happy to pass along any feedback you may have about your experience on the service :slight_smile: There is no official thread for that at this time (and thank you for being thoughtful and organized in your approach!) but we are currently looking at creating more targeted categories and master threads based on the activity from the past few weeks.