Calling All DC Universe Writers.... the DC Shared Universe Bullpen! [DCW]

Welcome ladies, gentlemen, and well-respected individuals of other alignments… to the DCUniverse Universe (DCW for short) bullpen! Pull up a chair, help yourself to refreshments, and settle in. In here, there’s room for all!

This is a collaborative project encompassing DC’s entire cast of characters. Here, we discuss our own stories and plan out the direction of the universe. We’re going to mostly focus on having writers contribute ongoing series on a regular basis, although limited series (with a clear start and finish over a smaller timeframe) are allowed.

The guidelines:

  1. Each writer will pick a character they want to write. These will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. If someone has taken a character you wish to use, or if you wish to borrow a character attached to another character’s mythology that is currently being written, ask the writer of said character.
  3. When you sign on to join, discuss your plans for your character very broadly. Allow us to know where the character starts, and where he/she finishes up in your next storyline so that we can plan crossovers. Once you have a new pitch/script for any given arc, direct message them to the editors— @mysterious_stranger, @BatJamags and @hopeandlegos— for review.
  4. Events will be co-written by at least two writers. They are meant to be collaborative experiences, so please act accordingly.
  5. While discussing here, please make use of spoiler tags! If they are general spoiler tags, please designate your target audience as “Writers”. If they are for a specific person regarding their character, tag them.
  6. Do not negate past events in this universe.
  7. Do NOT discourage other writers in any capacity.

Effective immediately, we will be discussing characters that we want to write and setting up a timeline of events in the universe to start working around.

If you wish to join, please let me know! All are welcome here. Happy writing!

New Spreadsheet of Planned Titles!

  • This can be edited by anyone. If any information about a title you are writing is incomplete or incorrect, please fix it yourself.
  • We are trying to organize by release date and then alphabetically by title for each date. Please try to keep the list in order.
  • We are switching to one editor per title. Please check here to see who your editor is. This may change after April’s releases are over.


  • Directory. This will be posted by the editors and contain a list of links to all of the…
  • Tables of Contents. The authors of each series will post one of these for each series they’re writing. It should contain a link “up” to the directory, and links “down” to every issue in that particular series.
  • Issues. The authors of each series will post each issue as a separate topic. These topics should include links to the table of contents.

This way, you can hop between issues and series easily.

Our current roster, compiled by @TheSandmanofGotham
BatJamags -Batman (first arc: Panacea), Nightwing (first arc: The Fall of Blüdhaven), Oracle (first arc: The Omega File), Captain Atom (first arc: The King is Dead), and co-writing Wonder Woman
Aurora -Atom Smasher or Black Adam
hopeandlegos - The Flash limited and ongoing series/Titans ongoing
TornadoSoup -Stargirl, Superman: Who Killed Clark Kent, co-writing Wonder Woman
mysterious_stranger -Jason Todd: Seeing Double, Jessica Cruz: Long Way From Home, Cassandra Cain: Sins of the Mother
CaptThunder001 -Shazam the Barbarian (8-Issue Mini-series), followed by Shazam: World’s Mightiest (on-going)
Behemoth -Etrigan
AnonymousHQ -Batman Beyond, Scarecrow
TheSandmanofGotham -Black Orchic, Swamp Thing/Black Orchid and the Swamp Thing: Pulling Up Roots
superblueGrodd -Elongated Man/Dibney DNA
6044 -Supergirl and Cassie Sandsmark
Nathan.Payson- Aquaman: Son of Atlan
Crystalinastar -Batwoman, Poison Ivy
dr.swampthing - SHADE
cyborg88 - Cyborg
Eli - Vigilante, Green Arrow and the Arsenal (mini-series) followed by Green Arrow solo and Arsenal solo, and The Endless Dreaming
Super-Squirrel - Hawk & Dove: The Balance
Reading Order/Document for all of these titles


It would be greedy of me to claim all three of my favorite characters, but I also do have story ideas for all of them.

So: I am totally willing to give one or two of these up if someone else wants to write them. I can also co-plot or edit if you’re interested in a closer collaborative effort.

[All spoilers below are for writers in general.]

  • Batman: The first story arc would be entitled Panacea. A mysterious pharmaceutical magnate has announced that his scientists have developed a drug which can cure any ailment. The magnate comes to Batman to ask his protection from various mercenaries and supervillains who are out to steal the substance for their own reasons. My plan is to build a few different arcs off of this original premise, including something to do with the drug being derived from a Lazarus Pit, and Mister Freeze getting his hands on it for Nora and actually saving her. Character-wise, I’d ideally like to use Tim as Robin, but I don’t need to. The bulk of the action will probably be Batman working solo in any case.

  • Nightwing: On Discord, hopeandlegos and I talked about doing stories about Wally-Flash and Dick, respectively, leading into something Titans-related, so I can be flexible about the plot depending on what plans are set up. Generally, I’m thinking a Dixon-era-ish status quo with Dick as a detective with the Bludhaven Police Department and Blockbuster still running the mob. Plotwise, if nothing else presents itself, I’m thinking of a cult that springs up among disaffected Havenites. I haven’t decided whether it would be a sham or an actual evil entity yet. It could be Trigon-related if the idea is to lead into a Titans story.

  • Oracle: My thinking here is to do something more episodic. The way Oracle works is conducive to Brave-and-the-Bold-esque rotating guest stars as she occasionally brings in allies and specialists to deal with problems. My concept for an initial arc, tentatively entitled Take Your Kid to Work Day, is that Scarecrow floods GCPD headquarters with Fear Toxin while Babs is visiting her father and she has to fight through the effects to stop him without giving away her identity. Black Canary, Nightwing, and Batman would probably be recurring characters. Maybe Huntress and/or Ted Kord as well, depending on timeline or other character claims (For example, if someone wants to write a Blue Beetle story with Jaime, that sort of puts a damper on using Ted).

There’s a character thread I’ve been toying with for a while that I could work into any of these concepts: It annoys me when Batman is unduly aloof and dismissive, but I think the idea has some potential as long as he has a genuine arc of recognizing his issues, correcting them, reconciling with his friends, and moving on. I’d have to set up his initial bad behavior to begin with, but at some point, especially if I do end up writing all three of these, I’m thinking of a sort of mini-crossover where Bruce visits Dick and Babs (also maybe Tim if I end up using him in the Batman story) to try to mend some burnt bridges with them.

If someone else negotiates one or more of these stories away from me or wants to write a Bat-Family member I haven’t claimed, we could also coordinate on that arc.

Essentially, more than anything I don’t want to see any of these three characters unrepresented, and I think I could write them (though all three might be too heavy a workload in any case). And since this is supposed to be all collaborative-like, I’d be happy to let someone else have a crack at some of this and just coordinate closely between the different stories.


Interesting, but I’d need some more details. The most likely characters I’d go with would be Atom Smasher or Black Adam. (Everyone knows anything JSA related would be completely my cup of tea though.) Sorry for the brevity, it’s late and I’m up working on other writing.


No worries! What more information do you need? It is late, and I’m almost certain my initial post was lacking in some vital information. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d be happy to help with whatever you need!


As for my claims… as @BatJamags said, I am intending on working on a Wally West limited series that leads into a Titans ongoing, while they (he?) intend to work on a Dick Grayson Nightwing story.

Clearly this story takes place after Dick Grayson has had a stint as Robin and Wally as Kid-Flash. I intend for Barry Allen to exist concurrently with whatever story I’m telling, so Barry fans fret not!

I’m working out the details of my story, I’ll be able to post about it tomorrow, but as for tonight I’m going to be retiring to my bedroom quarters and formulating my evil- er, plans.

I’m currently deciding the specifics of my line-up as well, but obviously it will include Dick and Wally.


I’d like to reserve a duo story featuring Vic Sage and Renee Montoya for myself if that’s all right. It’s definitely going to be a mystery style book, and I plan for it to heavily reference your stories and investigate any “loose ends” left behind. I’ll be in touch!

Also: I just wanna put a bookmark on Jason Todd, Jessica Cruz, and Cassandra Cain, in case @mysterious_stranger wants ‘em. They’re unbeatable on those characters.


Oh, I’d love to claim all three of those if I’m allowed. If not, then I’d claim Jason first, then… augh, it’s hard to choose, but I guess Jess because I know Cass has more other talented writers who love her, unless someone else really wants Jess.

I’m running late for work, but I’ll get into deets later


Hmm… I’ve already been working on a Green Arrow story (which for anyone who’s curious, is here) but that’s pretty specific to current continuity, so I don’t know how well it would work out. I’ve got some pretty basic ideas for a Superman story and an Elongated Man mini, though. I’ll have to think things over a little more and come back when I have more time.

P.S. this is a great idea for a thread and I’m really surprised no one thought of it before.


Oh, is the expectation here to write in comic script form, or are we doing prose, or just whatever?



So for this book, I’m thinking of Jason in generally a stabby Matches Malone type role, somewhere between his original Red Hood debut and his initial role in Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth. He’s trying to be the guy who understands Gotham best, who’s willing to make hard choices and get his hands dirty to save his city, but is this really the best way for him to reconcile his worst impulses with his better nature? Who knows? Certainly not Jason!

My first arc would be RED HOOD: SEEING DOUBLE. Jason’s making his move on the Gotham Underworld, seeking to take it down from the inside, but a new murderous vigilante is in town… and killing a lot of Jason’s gang! Who is this mysterious vigilante, and will his identity hit closer to home than Jason expected? Who is this mysterious vigilante? None other than Harvey Dent himself, reprising his role as The Judge in BTAS. It’s okay, though. Jason’s got a handle on this situation. It’s only the guy who killed Jason’s birth father, right?

SUPPORTING CAST: While he has history with a surprising variety of characters in current continuity that I’d be potentially interested in pulling from, this strikes me as a more standalone, from-scratch universe, so I’m not married to basically any canon but the bulk of his post-Crisis, pre-death Robin stories, the Under The Red Hood movie and Red Hood: Lost Days (with a few of my own changes).

I’d like to further establish that Jason has a mostly friendly history with Rose Wilson and Roy Harper, but they won’t be big supporting cast members, so I can give some ground there if I start to step on the toes of any Titans arcs.

Talia is important to Jason and will appear in this book intermittently as a sympathetic antihero character for whom Jason has significant and moderately Oedipal affection. I’m not asking for primary creative control over her, but in honesty, I’m going to write Talia the way I write Talia, and if you go for Batman, Inc. style Full Villain Talia, then that’s just not gonna line up with the way I write her.

As for the Batfamily, I figure that Jason is on semi-outs with them at the moment, as generally is currently canon. He’ll show up if an “all hands on deck” call goes out, but he’s not going to family dinners and photos, and he’s just as likely to scrap it out with any of the other Bats as he is to team up with them in the event of any crossovers.

That having been said I will definitely be using Batman occasionally, and he’s gonna be all over the place in flashbacks. @BatJamags Does that work? I’ll defer to whatever status quo you have with him, but I’d like to have the occasional rooftop battle or snippy conversation via radio.

Otherwise, I’ll actually mostly be using villains. I’d really like to have fun with Black Mask, so feel free to use him, but please don’t kill him off or majorly change his continuity in any of your arcs. I’ll be borrowing other Batman Rogues gallery cast as needed, but won’t kill any of them off without consulting with other Bat writers first. (Oh, and please don’t kill off the Joker, either, if you had any plans to do so.)


So for this book, I’m again not in love with any particular continuity and am willing to start from a few basic ideas and go from there. In general, however, I don’t want to start Cass from scratch… I’d like her to have a history as Batgirl and as having gone through much of the character development from both her original Batgirl run and her Detective Comics run.

My first arc would be BATGIRL: SINS OF THE MOTHER. Lady Shiva, the world’s deadliest martial artist and assassin of international renown, has disappeared, and none other than her daughter, Cassandra Cain, is on the case. But what happens when she crosses paths with Task Force X, under the field leadership of none other than one Ben Turner (Bronze Tiger), former associate of none other than Lady Shiva herself? And what does any of this have to do with the legendary martial arts recluse Richard Dragon? My basic idea here is that in one of their final adventures together, Ben, Shiva and Dragon all crossed paths with the Sensei (of League of Assassins fame), during which each of those three learned a secret that the Sensei desperately wants to cover up. He’s attempting to lure all of them into a trap, but he didn’t anticipate grabbing the daughter, too.

(I am willing to either switch Cass to Black Bat or have her be sharing the Batgirl title if someone wants Batgirl Stephanie. I love Cass as Batgirl, but I feel like she’s fine with whatever as long as there’s a big old Bat on her chest.)


Cassandra Cain is a beloved and cherished part of the Batfamily, with a brother/sister relationship with the rest of Bruce’s children, a father/daughter dynamic with Bruce, a mother/daughter dynamic with Barbara Gordon, close friendships with Stephanie Brown, Harper Row and Duke Thomas, etc.

None of them are going to appear in this arc! She’s not actively avoiding them, so feel free to talk to me about a crossover or having her show up in one of your arcs, but I’m not expecting to need any of them for anything major in the near future and can coordinate in any smaller cameos, so don’t let me interfere with any of your plans for those characters.

As for Rogues Gallery, Lady Shiva and David Cain are both big ones, but I’d never dream of making Lady Shiva beholden to my plans. Do as you will, just please don’t kill her off.


Once again, I’m not too attached to any particular bit of continuity. Generally, however, I do want Jess to be a somewhat green new Green Lantern… she’s been at this long enough to know the ropes and to befriend Simon Baz, but not long enough that she doesn’t feel fairly in over her head.

My first arc would be JESSICA CRUZ: LONG WAY FROM HOME. Jessica Cruz was out on a mission. Just a little jaunt within her assigned sector out to investigate reports of some intergalactic weapons smugglers on the planet Hyphries. No big deal.

Jessica Cruz is now trapped on the planet Hyphries with no way out, a group of alien captives, and the universe’s angriest housecat.

This is going to go great.

Basically, Jess and Dex-Starr have gotten themselves trapped under a dome by an intergalactic crime syndicate which is enslaving people on various planets, and they’re going to have to try to blend in and avoid giving away their identities until they can get one over on their captors.

SUPPORTING CAST: Jess is a Green Lantern and will touch on all of the other GLs at varying points, but they all have their own things going on. She’s especially close with Simon Baz, but as they’re no longer doing the Get-Along Lantern deal, I’m fine letting anyone else do whatever with him. He will probably make occasional appearances.

Jess is adopting Dex-Starr as her ■■■■■■ cat. I have dibs, it’s already basically happening in Justice League: Odyssey.

As for rogues gallery, I’m actually quite flexible. It’s a big universe and I’ll probably just grab random aliens and old GL villains as I need to… I can’t think of anyone I really have dibs on.

Also, @BatJamags I don’t think that using Jaime precludes using Ted so long as we go with a Rebirth Blue Beetle type set-up where Ted had to retire due to heart reasons and is mentoring Jaime. I’m not claiming either character, though, so it’s up to whoever wants to.


These sound really good! I particularly like the idea of bringing the various Richard Dragon characters back together. I didn’t have any specific plans for any of the characters you mentioned, but some more specific thoughts:

  • Batman: Batman in a flashbacky, rooftop-battly, radio-snippy role works perfectly.

  • Talia: Given the Lazarus pit connection in my story, I figure Talia might show up to be mysterious and quasi-helpful, but I don’t need to use her extensively. Just enough that she’s not conspicuously absent.

  • Black Mask: I like Black Mask, so I probably would’ve used him at some point, but probably not in a way that would materially disrupt his usual status quo. If your idea is establishing him as a presence in Gotham’s underworld, that’s actually a good excuse for a cameo in one of my stories.

  • Cass: I probably will use her in the Oracle story at some point, but I don’t have specifics so I can build her appearances around whatever you’re working on.

I’m not sure about script vs. prose. I assumed prose, but script might allow for a faster schedule. @hopeandlegos, thoughts?


Works for me! For obvious reasons, I’m also likely to use a lot of Lazarus Pit connections in my stories, but I probably won’t be using that until your first arc is done, and it’s a broad area, so I imagine we could work in parallel without a lot of problems. I do have some heavily Arrow-derived ideas on how I think Pit Madness and Lazarus Pit aftereffects works (I really loved Arrow’s idea that when a murdered person is resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, the Pit Madness then centers on their murderer), but the Pits are one of those areas where you can have a wide range of side effects, etc. and just handwave it as “the Pits are variable and mysterious.”

And yeah, my idea for Black Mask was as a prominent crime lord in the Gotham Underworld, so cameo away! He’s also one of my favorite villains, so I always get a kick out of seeing him elsewhere.


I had kind of gone under the assumption that it would be in script format, but I don’t really care either way. I would prefer to do a script because A) it’s faster and B) I find it easier to write superhero/ comic stories with script because they’re always so visual.


I’m doing prose, but I imagine I’ll be the exception and not the rule. The comic script format may very well be easier, and I may cross over to using it for my ongoing if prose proves difficult.


I propose there be no hard or fast rule. We all write in the format we’re most comfortable with.


… I can’t help but feel like either I’m operating under a different definition of “script format” than you guys are or we have very different ideas of the relative difficulty of comic script formats vs. prose, but I’m good with everyone writing in the format they’re most comfortable with (or the format they most desire to use, if they want to challenge themselves or something).


emerges from the depths of his long, writer-ly slumber
I call dibs on Shazam! Details to follow later!
goes back to sleep


Are these getting written to be posted on here? or what is the Purpose of this collective? My apologies I am Confused


The stories will be posted in their own threads, each labeled [DCSU]. I hope that answers all your questions, let me know if you need anything else answered.

fun fact: this was originally gonna be called the DC Collective, so I feel vindicated. :stuck_out_tongue:


Collective is just such a cool word