Can DC Universe please add more devices!

I’m sorry but it’s been about a month now since the launch and if I want to watch anything from DC Universe it still has to be on my phone or my computer. Which I don’t enjoy doing either. I don’t have Apple TV or a roku. Is anyone else stuck watching things like DC Daily on their phone? I’d really love to watch Titans… not going to do that on my phone. I can understand adding devices slowly, but I was kind of expecting new devices listed before Titans premiered and that didn’t happen.

I’d love to us DC Universe on my PS4 at the very least. Or Sony devices in general, like their Blu-ray players or something. Smart TVs would be great too. Would be sweet to have this app on my LG big screen.

But c’mon… how much longer do we have to wait?


I’d love a PS4 app.