can May 31st coming fasteršŸ˜«

Thatā€™s when swamp thing comes out

The trailer looked great and I love scary stuff


I am rocking back and forth in anticipation @foxybridges. :slight_smile:

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Agreed! Cannot wait!!

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Oh, weā€™re not talking about Godzilla: King of the Monsters?

Because that too is a sure to be great production from the fine folks at Warner Brothers that debuts on 5/31 =)


My wife and I have been watch all the orginal shows together and I thin swamp thing looks great. Unfortunately, she canā€™t stand horror so I am going to have get creative on when I can watch. She is not going to want to see it if she see the trailer.

The thread title sound so weird lmao sorry for the bad grammar

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Make a time machine then all our problems are fixed

I often wish for that ā€œEDIT!ā€ button myself. :wink:


We know there is a need for an edit button and are working on it for our new, improved forum layout. We appreciate your patience while we implement these changes.


I typically donā€™t like horror, but I likes me Swamp Thing and Iā€™m sure this show will have a good deal of artistic merit over violence (I hope so, at least).

Why not use a time machine?

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Doom Patrol will be over D:

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Have patience because before you know it. It will be over