I think the shock of losing a promising series after the first episode has blinded people to what should be an obvious observation…Swamp Thing isn’t that good.

This is one of the most expensive TV shows of all time, and what do we get for it? We get five minutes per episode of Swamp Thing on screen going, “What’s happening to me?” and then fifty-five minutes of the world’s most dimensionless villains, a bunch of side characters that also seem to turn out to be villains and Abby getting into trouble only to be Swamp Thing Ex Machinaed at the end of the episode. They introduce characters like Phantom Stranger and madame Xanadu and give us no reason to care about them. They spend more time with Blue Devil than they do on Swamp Thing. It’s all a mess.

Some of the horror elements do land, and those are genuinely great, but they are too infrequent to carry the show. I think the last week’s episode was an excellent example with the infection that caused people to hallucinate. The guy seeing a snake on his arm and stabbing himself because of the delusion was genuinely brutal and terrifying. Great work. It was also the first kill of the episode and by far the most intense meaning rather than rising tension throughout the episode with a fun payoff at the end, everything else paled in comparison to the first ten minutes.

There are also some straight up embarrassing mistakes. For instance in the first episode, Abby makes a big deal about how she’s serious CDC lady and that everybody better where mask and goggles with patients until they figure out what causes the infection. Next scene, she’s meeting with the patients without mask and goggles, and this repeats in almost every scene following. Last episode with the admittedly pretty cool possession of the little girl by Shauna. Cool scene where Shauna at first toys with Abby and then straight up terrifies her with visions of her drowning and a bunch of clearly supernatural crap. What does Abby do? Go downstairs in a huff and confront her adopted mother for talking to the kid about Shauna. What the crap, show? She just saw a creepy demon child/ghost/monster. You should be calling an exorcist not griping about inappropriate conversations.

I’m being a little over dramatic. I don’t hate the show and plan to finish the season, but I think if DC hadn’t announced the show was cancelled, then people would be up in arms on how bad a job this show is doing.

All I’m saying is that if I were DC, I wouldn’t spend my money on this.


Then don’t watch :slight_smile: from what I’ve been told there’s a very large and diverse catalog of animated films and series to choose from as well as live action! Plus you’re here for the comics right?


Mostly, sure. I’m just pointing out the flaws in the show most people seem to be overlooking.

I don’t believe for a second that if most of the people complaining about cancellation were in DC’s position, they spent that much of money on the show. and they got this result on the project, they’d choose to continue with it. It’s not that good, and in its place, we could probably get two better shows.

I suppose my frustration is that people seem to be ignoring the issues in the show to gush about how amazing it is, but it’s not amazing.


There’s some truth to this, but the I don’t think it justifies to title. I agree that episode 4 hit a low point. There was bad writing, and poor line delivery, but the horror carried the episode. Episode 5 however, picked up where the show previously left off and was much better. I think that the strong supporting cast really benefits the show right now though. The premise of ‘small town and everyone has secrets’ is a really good setting that allows for a lot of interesting characters. That’s actually a big reason why I like characters like Blue Devil and Madame Xanadu. They obviously have their secrets, and it makes me want to find out more about them.

In the end, you’re right that the show has it’s moments and has been idealized kind of like a martyr. However, I still think that it’s overall a good show, even if it uses it’s horror elements as a safety net sometimes.


At this point, I’d say it’s an okay show in my estimation, but it could go to an overall good or bad rating based on the rest of the series.

I was trying to be hyperbolic with the title. I figured it would get more attention than, #SwampThingIsNotThatFantasticAndICareVeryLittleIfItGetsCancelled. I just wanted to talk about the problems a bit. I’d re-edit the title if I could because I think it’s going to make everyone huffy and miss the actual point I was trying to make.

My take on it:

I think people only view Swamp Thing as amazing when compared to DCU’s other shows. Swamp Thing trended on Twitter for a reason, the reason is that it’s the first show that non-subscribers actually cared enough to watch -or- actually subscribe to and support DC Universe.

If we’re honest, people love sci-fi horror movies like Aliens, John Capenter’s The Thing, Predator and even cult-classic campy horror movies like Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, etc. People also love video games like Dead Space, The Evil Within.

When horror is a crucial part of Swamp Thing’s storyboard and not just a tack on element, it helps viewers enjoy the as any good movie/show that pulls strings of horror, mystery, science fiction, action and drama. Swamp Thing does these things right and with equal respect. I never once thought the horrir felt out of place or like it was too much, especially since the comic source material it was based off is even darker.

It’s true that Swamp Thing’s writing is leagues better than Doom Patrol and Titans. What makes the direction and writing superior? The flow, mostly. The pacing is great and the arc is easy to follow. Despite the season being cut to 10 episodes, it hasn’t felt rushed or like it is bing developed in a sense to where it cuts off instantly. At least not yet but even so the content quality and maturity is there so it naturally feels better than Titans and Doom Patrol.

Most importantly, it’s unique. It’s not about your average superheroes in skin tight latex and capes, it’s more like a Beauty and The Beast. People tend to gravitate towardscthat type of thing because the characters are more interesting and rare than a man made of metal or as said before heroes in suits. Relatability is key and Abby Arkane is an everyday girl in a relatable world. From the first episode we see how human Abby is, the vulnerability we get from Crystal Reed’s isn’t interupted with some pointless comedy like when Robotman was being made.

We probably won’t get a Season 2 but if the internet had any say, Swamp Thing deserves it as it (obviously) is really the first thing on DCU to grab the attention of non-DC fans - and rightfully so. If it were aired on Sy-Fy channel, TNT, or Fox, everyone would watch it. As where if Titans or Doom Patrol aired on regular cable channels, only a handful of people would be interested. So if any show deserves a second chance, DC would be wise to give Swamp Thing that honor at the very least. We shall see…


Swamp thing may not be perfect but from what I’ve seen it doesn’t deserve to be canceled hell there are way worse shows on cable and network TV imo that have gone for multiple seasons just because people love them and keep watching granted this is because that content is funded mostly by ad revenue and swamp thing isnt but maybe swamp thing will get picked up at Syfy or something who knows all I can say for sure is I love the show despite it’s flaws


I was really disappointed in Phantom Stranger been waiting so long for him in live action and then he looks like the lead singer from My Morning Jacket

DC is mailing all your checks in the mail. Good try though.

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I don’t appreciate your tone young woman. I was just stating the truth. If you think Doom Patrol or Titans getting cancelled would generate anywhere near the response of Swamp Thing on throughout social media then you’re only lying to yourself. The demand for Swamp Thing is far greater than any DC show currently, that isn’t any one of us being a paid corporate shill so much as us just stating the obvious, but we are in 2019 and anyone who disagrees with one side is automatically deemed a troll/shill for stating the facts or the obvious that someone will not admit, oh hiw sometimes I forget the internet is a lovely place that works in opposites lol

My comment is sattire and edgey enough for the black lanterns, so be it still true in the real world.


I do feel the title of this post was a bit too adversarial. But I will admit, while I didn’t hate the episode I got bored with it. The Swamp Thing parts are usually good, but it is clear even with the huge budget they can’t afford to show Swamp Thing too much, and the stuff with the supporting cast mostly just bores me. And mostly as BatWatch says, the episode is Swamp Thing in the beginning wondering what he has become… Abby has some adventure amidst some soap opera polotlines and a villian that is like every other evil millionare trope, then Abby is in danger and Swamp Thing saves her in 30 seconds with no real effort, then some more soap plots to tease next episode then it ends. Last week I liked as the pacing was better and the threat of the week was more interesting, but it was business as usual this time. 15 good minutes and 30 bad minutes.

And before anyone says “so don’t watch” I am in no way picking on the show, it is not as good as Titans or Doom Patrol to me but it is hardly unwatchable and without merit. But most of this episode all I thought was “this is the greatest show of all time, greater then Game of Thrones, biggest cancellation mistake ever, Star Trek and Firefly will never compare to this blunder?” and start to wonder if I haven’t been mandellad and everyone else is watching a different show then me.

Definitely don’t think it would be a bad thing if it was renewed. But even if reaction would imply maybe they were wrong, if I saw those episodes and knew it was costing a fortune to make I would have wondered if it was worth it too.


I don’t watch Swamp Thing, but I don’t root for it to get canceled. Its not my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean I root people who do love it to not watch it. I’m just impartial.


Ooohhh it trended on Twitter. Right now ‪#PakistanVsNamakHarams ‬is trending on twitter. Do you really care about Cricket? Should DVU start a DC Cricket Originals series!

If people wanted to watch it and were non-subscribers, than they didn’t really want to watch it. Or just wanted to watch it pirated. So those people can trend on Twitter all they want, they don’t mean jack squat cuz they ain’t opening their wallets.

Yes, there are hardcore ST fans out there and people who like the horror genre. Yet still, Swamp Thing hasn’t been picked up yet for international distribution. Hmmmm…funny that.

I’m all for #cancelswampthing
It’s costs more money than its worth to make.


Besides being predicated on a purely subjective opinion, this thread is blatantly flammatory because it has already been stated - repeatedly and unequivocally - that Swamp Thing will not be returning for Season 2 on DC Universe of anywhere else regardless of how many people sign a petition or get a hashtag trending.

This thread exists for no other reason than to rile up those who are still stuck in the denial stage of the brief cycle and should be deleted sooner rather than later.

  • grief cycle


No, I cannot say I do care for Cricket to be honest. Your comparison is the perfect example of why Swamp Thing trending is so crucial, ut doesn’t matter if you and I want Swamp Thing to continue. I am not paying DCU exclusively on Swamp Thing’s behalf and neither are you, which is why I’ve said before that to be honest I could care less if it gets renewed for season 2 or not.

Now we have to ask ourselves - How many posts/stories/views does a topic/subject have to achieve before it becomes a trending/hot thing on the net? The average Afganistan Cricket game reels in about 16-17 Million views on a YouTube video within a week (thus doesn’t even account for stories, clicks, etc), if that is anything to go by for what it took for Swamp Thing to trend, then maybe it’s worth for DCU to put in more money into the show and take a huge gamble with resources.

The fact that Cricket is a trending and that Swamp Thing was a top trending topic on social media as a whole speaks volumes at how popular Swamp Thing actually is among non-DC fans and non-paying subscribers alike. Besides that, I’m sure DCU’s staff and top management people see all the threads on here from people cancelling their subscribptions for Swamp Thing alone. We can pretend that Doom Patrol or Titans would matter to DCU this much just because we like them but we have already seen that people don’t care for them as nearly as much as Swamp Thing. I’d wager that more people want to watch Swamp Thing more than Doom Patrol and Titans combined and many times over probably. That all comes down to many factors.

I could never believe that it is just a niche audience that is being loud and creating fake accounts to push for it - even though that happened here on DCU for a period when it all began, for it to trend on social media it has to be a pretty big chunk of people, same with Cricket - while it’s not the most popular sport, it’s still a very popular sport featuring a very large audience so it makes sense that it’s trending among the masses on the internet. It’s up to them if they want to renew it or not, they don’t need us to throw more money at them to make up the loss, they could easily do a Bruce Wayne style fund-raiser party to make up that difference maybe they can make up the losses in other creative ways as many companies tend to do.


My point is it trended on Twitter for how long? A few hours? A day? It trended for a news cycle. It was a story. If in an hour there are 5000 tweets, with a new hashtag that will trend spike. So yes, a reasonably small chunk of people can make something trend on Twitter, however they can’t sustain the trend. Not to mention that if a particular user has followers the automatically retweet (which includes the hashtag and therefore the count), that increase the likelihood that such a twitter spike can occur, by not maintain. (Did the investigation into Russian interference teach people nothing? Social media can be manipulated easily enough, especially in a momentary way.

You might never believe it’s a niche audience, but the evidence thus far speaks otherwise. If WB already put money into this run of Swamp Thing and it didn’t pay off, how many seasons is it OK for them to burn money on?

Please go take $1000 and set it on fire.

You’re going to do that, right? I did say please after all.

I can understand Swamp Thing fans being bummed out it’s only getting one season. I’ll be bummed if YJ only gets this one season. YJ was the number one video reason I subscribed. But, if it isn’t profitable, I’m not gonna ask WB//DC/DCU to burn money on an unprofitable show.

WB has already took risks with all the original shows. Titans panned our for a second season. Doom Patrol got picked up as well, and that bodes well for a second season that show. YJ no idea. I hope it is (if production cost fall in the likely 10-15 million for a 26 episode series) it may be value for money. Even at 15 million, that’s five 26 episode YJ series for less than the 10 episode ST series. If you are going into the original content game, volume matters too.

WB laid out 80 million on Swamp Thing. They took an 80 million dollar risk they didn’t have to take. If they hadn’t, there would be no Swamp Thing at all. Part of the risk they took was because of the fans. However, they don’t “owe” the fans a second season of the first isn’t profitable.

Or maybe they do, you’ve burned that $1000 dollars cuz I asked nicely, right?

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I think this is a very good show and should have at least another season I understand cost and money issues but man I would love to have seen another season of this and I’m saying this after what 5 episodes of season one WOW! Please someone give this another season PLEASE!



What evidence says otherwise where? Swamp Thing is still trending on Twitter and YouTube as well as Batwoman trailer/reaction videos. To be honest, it seems more like we are trying to downplay the definition of “trending” as if it doesn’t have any meaning more than the reality of the situation which is, if it trended at all then it’s a huge deal. There is no such thing as something “small” that trends, as far as evidence I only saw (and still see the opposite), the aftershock of people becoming aware of Swamp Thing not getting renewed and a bunch if rumors which poured from the trending across different social platforms. There’s no such thing as niche in trending, the amount of time it trends for is irrelavent since there are so many evolving topics on the net.

Also the only other evidence is that this is the most positive trending that DC has recieced in quite a while. Why would this fact go unmoticed or be deemed not important?

As far as money, there is an old saying from my time which has always til this day been proven true:

“No risk, no reward”.

It should never be a thing to where “If customers want it, they have to pay for it.” That is not the ideal business model nor mentality for an established brand. This isn’t a crowdfunding/kickstarter operation and DC/WB/AT&T certainly isn’t in any trouble as we know of.

It is easy for a company to see how much interest is in a product as they have more resources and tools than we do available to them for survey statistics but it’s up to the man in the office at the end of the day and what game he wants to play. You can’t force a kid to eat his vegetables.

I’m not saying that they should renew Swamp Thing for Season 2 but I won’t allow myself to be foolish enough to consider they aren’t looking at these things with careful watch and responding to it in future events.


Hey everybody,

I appreciate the participation in my thread but I think I made a mistake labeling it #CancelSwampThing. I was trying to be provocative in an attention grabbing sort of way, but I think I managed to be provocative in a, “Let’s start a heated argument,” sort of way. My bad.

I don’t actually want to see Swamp Thing Cancelled. I’m just find the show underwhelming, and I was hoping to start a discussion about some of the show’s more disappointing aspects. I understand many people love the show, and I respect you and your efforts to try and save it. I also appreciate everyone who has shared their thoughts civilly and would urge everyone to try and refrain from any snark or ire.

I’m going to flag my own comment here and ask if the mods can edit the title of my post to something less provocative and again I apologize for inadvertently starting a minor ruckus.