cant marvel and DC fans just get along and like both

so the reason for this post is because i had told 2 of my friends that not only did i watch all the superman movies but im gonna stream man of steel and right away they got mad or something cause they said why am i betraying marvel and i didnt want to argue but thought how am i betraying marvel when i like marvel and dc both equal there both good in their own ways why do some marvel fans always compair what dc does to what marvel does when there both different


Fanboyism like that annoys and pisses me off bad. I enjoy it equally as each has their own pros and cons with great characters and stories


I still don’t understand why their are arguments about who is the better comic company. I love both DC and Marvel . Their are even some carbon copy characters among both companies. Green Arrow - Hawkeye etc. Their is room for both companies.


It’s a social disease called snobbery; and it has little to nothing to do with your taste in comic books. For understanding I refer you to this article on Psychology Today.


Agreed. I love both DC and Marvel. I prefer DC. But I won’t dump on Marvel just to score points and boost some imagined credibility as a REAL DC fan.


you can but marvel fans make it hard. they like super disrespectful. I hate how they came at Zack snyder when his daughter committed suicide that was terrible. or hell, even when the Russo brothers friend died, ppl commenting asking for a avengers trailer. so many of them are classless


It’s really stupid. The fanboy war.

I like Batman and Spider-Man.
I like Superman and Wolverine.
I like Wonder Woman and Scarlet Witch.
I like The Joker and Kingpin.

You’re capable of liking both. Some forget that.


Unfortunately with some people, it’s, “like what they like or bust”. And that doesn’t just apply to comics. Sports, Politics. It’s dumb. When someone is too hot, they perish. When someone is too cold, they perish. They thrive somewhere in the middle. Life isn’t about division or extremes. It’s about harmony. When someone asks me if I like Marvel or DC, I reply,

“Yes”. There’s no logical reason not to like both.


Both are amazing!

Batman, Superman, Barry Allen, Redhood, Nightwing, Wonder Women, Black Canary.

Spider-Man, Cap America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, the guardians of the galaxy, x men, Wolverine.

I love both, but I’m a dc boy. Doesn’t mean I hate marvel. Don’t get why some people only pick one side


Never cared for Marvel, always felt most of their characters were DC rip offs. Yes Deadpool I’m looking at you. For the most part, their movies are sophomoric and unwatchable. The Marvel fans that go out of their way to ruin DC movies are the worst.


Rip offs never bothered me because they can be good on their own and both companies have rip offs of each other so it’s just whatever.

Marvel films are as watchable as DC’s too films

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I think at most, there are times where one company is at a slump and the other is firing on all cylinders, but there’s alwaysat least a couple of cool things to read from all the companies. That’s what makes comics such an expensive habit. :joy:


wow love all the response i got back but yea its sad to see them just trash DC like its nothing i even told them i entered the superman dc contest and responses i got back were eww didnt say nothing i was like wow and i mean dont see what the deal is all movies/shows from both companies can be hit or miss but guess i should look onto joining a dc and marvel fan group really dont like the idea of them making everything 1 sided

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Most fans like them both. I can’t stand Marvel though


I honestly get sick and tired of the whole DC and Marvel fanboy war and I really dislike the term “real fan” as well. I like characters from both companies and I’m a long time fan of both companies even if I’m currently more interested in DC and independent companies like Lion Forge than in Marvel at the moment. I really don’t understand what the problem is with fans like those the OP mentioned but I have noticed this trend among comic book fans about not only Marvel and DC but even with regard to liking certain characters or books. I’ve even had people say directly to my face “Well you can’t possible also be a “real fan” of such and such a character/book and so if you like this other character/book.” The whole “us vs them” mentality needs to stop.


I don’t see why though. Both companies publish comic books with superheroes and villains. Characters from both companies share good elements each other. The Justice League aren’t too different from Avengers .

Marvel is more light hearted but also does dark.

Can’t stand Marvel but DC gets a big pass of acceptance? Just seems weird and it’s understandable to overall like one over the other more but finding one great and can’t stand the other or it being unwatchable to some? Eh

How do you feel about Image or Dark Horse?


I grew up with marvel but I read dc more now. I just think dcs writing is better. I do like marvel movies better except the animated stuff. Dc does better. But I would never had read any comics if it wasn’t for marvel.

I don’t hate Marvel, I just have no interest in them, so I mostly ignore them. I tried to watch their movies, and the only one I liked was the first Captain America. I gave up on them when the hero in GOTG challenged the villian to a dance off, that was it for me.


You gave up on the MCU because of one movie and moment?

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Don’t expect everyone to like Marvel on a DC forum.