Cast Kingdom Come

Just for fun, let’s say that next year, instead of a giant crossover, the CW decides instead to do a mini-series adaptation of Kingdom Come, with Brandon Routh reprising his role as KC Superman. Who do you want to see show up as what character?
Here’s my list:
Norman McCay–Peter Capaldi
The Spectre–Gary Cole (the Spectre Showcase short)
Batman–Kevin Conroy (as the ACTUAL KC Batman this time)
Wonder Woman–Lynda Carter or Susan Eisenberg
Lex Luthor–John Shea (Lois and Clark)
Captain Marvel–Jerry O’Connell (Justice League Unlimited)
Red Robin–Loren Lester (voice of Dick Grayson in the DCAU)
The Flash–John Wesley Shipp
Green Lantern–Replacing Alan Scott with either Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan or Phil LaMarr as John Stewart
The Joker (flashback cameo)–Mark Hamill
Blue Beetle–Wil Wheaton (Batman: The Brave and the Bold); Second Choice: Burt Ward (c’mon, that would be fun!)
Deadman–voiced by Michael Rosenbaum (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)
Martian Manhunter–Phil Morris (Smallville)
Green Arrow–Neil McDonough (the Green Arrow Showcase short); Second Choice: Bruce Campbell (he…actually has nothing to do with Green Arrow, I just really want to see him in the role)