Catching Up By Filling In Some Blanks

Hi fellow DC Universe fans, just wanted you all to know that I’m making every effort to ingratiate myself to this site by taking FULL ADVANTAGE of all the offerings showcased here within DC Universe!:grin: Recently, I had perused through some EPIC major game-changing storylines on this site; my favorites being Identity Crisis/Infinite Crisis. I mean seriously, I went all in! I had tried to get all the major tie-ins and some minor ones that wove this epic together. It had introduced me to some new characters and reestablished my fondness for some old favorites. I am still buying some trades today from that story arc, just so that I can strengthen my personal knowledge base for Identity Crisis/Infinite Crisis. Someday, all these graphic collected trade books will go to my great nephew for him to physically hold and read for himself! :joy: Which portion did you all enjoy from that epic? Mine was undoubtedly the JSA tie-in to Days Of Vengeance