[Characters of DC] Month Three: An Archer’s Tale: The Life and Times of Roy Harper

This story is a classic for a reason and it’s great that they went so far as to make one of their sidekicks a drug addict, that really drives it home. But it’s like @msgtv said, the reasoning given is absolutely pathetic. No one starts drugs because they are mad at their old man, they start drugs because, “hey, that looks cool. Wonder what that’s like.” How we’re raised of course affects our decision making, but that’s not the reason. Unless this was just a defense mechanism of a addict being confronted. " OH, YEAH, WHAT ABOUT YOU, DAD?!?!! "

No love is wrong, they both are what they perceive as the good in each other. I think fatherhood was a great thing for the character, it gave his life purpose which it didn’t have previously.

I haven’t read much of Devin Grayson’s work, but I’m aware it got controversial. If this is an example, I’m okay with not reading much more. These weren’t the Titans to me, way too whiny and stupidly spiteful. Sort of like an episode of the show (I kid! I kid!)

I think their focus is mostly on how it’s affecting Lian and their relationship to their daughter…exactly where it should be.


I’m not a fan of Devin Grayson’s work either to be honest. There’s far to much drama in it for my tastes and your are right that they are whiny and spiteful here. Not at all what I expect from the Titans.

Yeah. Exactly as it should be. I really loved Lian and I wish she had stayed around instead of what happened. Still angry about that.


Speaking of writers some are not fond of. I really do not think Winick is a good writer. Every line, by every character is in the same voice trying to make a quip that may or may not work. Except for Nightwing who is an angry junior Batman. Like Rise of the Skywalker, Winick’s work is best enjoyed with your brain disengaged. The Brother Blood story isn’t bad, though you would think they could have figured out the big bad without being told. Issue 11 was by far the best for me. We’re again seeing a little complexity from Roy. Taking rounds to the chest is going to get into your head. The final story, I’m not too thrilled with. Serious subject, good. Bringing on Walsh eats up a lot of the books, half of the first one and adds nothing. I know Lian was put in peril to raise the stakes, but the Outsiders would have cared anyway. Roy as a father would have been touched by the kid’s plight anyway. And having Jade argue “That’s not what we do” is complete bunk.

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I don’t mind Winick, really. He’s a writer where I always go in with low expectations but I get pleasantly surprised. I really liked this Outsiders series back in the day. I think it was really weird having a John Walsh crossover, though.

His stories run from okay to good, but character work not so much. Like his Grace though.

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I don’t normal mind Winick either though I don’t expect a whole lot from him character work-wise. He can be good but I’ve never felt that he’s gone beyond that level with anything of his that I’ve read.

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I feel y’all. It’s not like I’m rushing out to by the next Winick title. I agree with @msgtv, though…Grace was way awesome in these issues.

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Yeah, she was awesome.

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Convergence Titans, not a lot to say. Like most of the Convergence titles, it’s kinda disposable but also a nice call back to another time. I did appreciate bringing Lian back and having Roy closer to the more complex character we know today.

My favorite part of this Convergence title was that Roy was reunited with his daughter. After all the crap he’d been dealt over the years and especially after Roy lost Lian I was glad he got her back.


Yeah, it was believable enough. It makes sense that coming that close to biting it would have you on shaky ground. I liked how his friendship with Dick was portrayed in these issues.

I think we talked about this recently, but I think Roy is a great father and being one gave him a purpose in life that he didn’t have before. Yes, that would definitely give him more reasons not to use during times when he needs reasons.

I don’t mind Cry for Justice. It reads well, it’s just everything that came after, all the stuff from JT Krul, was simple horrid. Like really, really bad and no thank you to anymore.

Well, it looks like the events of convergence, and living in a bubble, were enough to get him back in track already. So it wasn’t the return of his daughter that got him there, he was already there. Nice to see her back, though.

Well, yes…he seems like more of an eff up than he was previously. Like he’s not just a sidekick who got hooked on drugs, he’s a slacker! And we all know what happens to slackers!

Well, the major difference is in the new origin Speedy was never GA’s sidekick, he took on the role after being mad. Also, I think it was more powerful of a statement before when his drug of choice was heroin over alcohol.

There are similarities but I think enough difference that we could consider him new. I have to say I did prefer the pre-New 52 version better. I had more respect for that character, maybe because of the father aspect.


I meant to get back on here having read Outlaws but plum forgot. Quick take, Kori is interesting but that’s not really her character. Roy, is interesting but the best part is his “relationship” with Killer Croc. Croc being unwilling to be the instrument of Roy killing himself and becoming a sponsor is pure comic book world but feels real


Yeah I liked that a lot. I finished the new 52 RHATO recently. Are there any solo series for Roy that are Pre-Flashpoint