[Characters of DC] Spies Like Us [January 2021]

I had picked up some Frankenstein later in it’s run, so I’ve read the first couple of issues yesterday. First, Frank is a great character and I’d like to see him better integrated into the DCU. He would be a perfect character for JLD or if they ever relaunch is spy centric series like Checkmate.
Issue two with the transformation of the Dr. into Lagoon Woman (sorry, during this with actually opening the book) is kinda of a horrifying story. Nice thing about this series is it will go from humorous to very dark quickly.
This is a great look for Father Time, it just takes an ordinary character but put into the body of a little girl just makes it funnier, but she/he can still be super serious.

Are we still on Frankenstein? I started reading Grayson. :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Father Time as a little girl makes me laugh everytime even when she/he is being very serious. I like the juxtaposition of this “old man” in a child’s body a lot. And Frank is a great character that I would love to see more of. Him and his ex-wife are great actually.

@AlexCarr That sucks. Glad to see you back!

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I’m just kinda wherever I am. I e read deep into Silencer and some Frankenstein I’ve read Grayson and Checkmate in the past so not hitting them this time though both are good books

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Ok. Sounds good. I guess I’ll keep going with Grayson so I’m ready. I’m suprised I haven’t read it yet. After not having access to the community due to the glitch I was so confused on where we were. Lol!!

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Yeah, it really sucked. Apparently it’s a issue right now though. DC told me it could go out again while they try to fix the bigger issue. It’s been effecting quite a few people.


  1. What was your favorite thing about these issues? Was there a particular panel that struck you?

  2. This book really seemed to delve into Dick Grayson’s character, his history and also felt like it was trying to bring back some of the aspects of his character that were perhaps thrown by the wayside over the years. Would you agree with this assessment or do you feel differently?

  3. How do you feel about Dick as a spy? Was this a good move for him? Would you have wanted to see more?

  4. What did you think of Dick’s interactions in the issues we read here?

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