[Characters of DC] Unsung Heroes [August 2020]


Hi all. This month’s theme for the Characters of DC Club is “Unsung Heroes” or in other words those characters that support our heroes and villains in their endeavors. This month we present to you three such characters plus one very special team from a rather long list of existing ones that work in the background of the DCU. Hope you all enjoy this month’s selections and that they inspire you to seek out other tales that these characters appear in.

For This Month

Week One [8/1-8/7]

Harvey Bullock: Mayor Hill’s Stooge to Stalwart Friend.


Week Two [8/8-8/14]

Super Pets: Krypto, Streaky and Bathound. Oh My.

Week Three [8/15-8/21]

Jim Gordon: Gotham’s Finest



Week Four [8/22-8/28]

William Wintergreen: Assassin’s Butler




This month I will be posting a little bit about each of our Unsung Heroes at the beginning of each week plus a discussion topic and a link to their first appearances. Also feel free to explore issues that are listed in the chronology links I’ve supplied above or to start a discussion outside of the posted topic of the week.

And that’s that.

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Here’s a bit of information on this week’s character.

  • Harvey Bullock first appeared in Detective Comics # 441 (1974).

  • About ten years later he started appearing more regularly starting with Batman # 361.

  • He was initially an antagonist who was in the pocket of Gotham City’s mayor Hamilton Hill. He was as corrupt as they come and his job was to insure that Jim Gordon was replaced as Commissioner. He later had a change of heart and became a staunch supporter of both Gordon and Batman going so far as to partner with Robin (Jason Todd) on a few cases.

His character arc is what drew me to his character so this week I would like to discuss his character arc and how he developed over time.

To help you get a feel for his character arc I’m going to link a couple of discussion from the then Jason Todd Book Club (now called Renegade Robins) because they cover the issues that begin his transformation from mayor’s stooge to the supporter of Gordon and the Bats he later becomes.

Let the discussion begin!

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