Check this out - DCU Customer voices may be getting heard afterall

Could it be the higher ups are hearing us!? I just noticed this change to the comics section…removed mention of purchasing the library and also removed the month of October as the big release.

Can’t find the books you’re looking for?

We’ll have more comics to find soon.

Also it seems the comics section is a bit more “glitchy”. Lots of repeat thumbnails…almost like there’s a big change about to happen


Still has the oct message for me

I still see the message

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Hmmm…that’s strange. If you’re looking on an iOS device did you download today’s update?

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Dude ur right. If you download the latest update, that sign is removed

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Haha. So what you’re saying is after more than a month and no official word from anybody the full digital comics library will NOT be available? LOL.

Here’s more scraps for you. Oh, what you’re looking for still isn’t here? Why don’t you go buy it somewhere else then. Great subscription plan.

@knightnorth - Man I’m hoping that isn’t the case. I’m doing my best to be optimistic and think that they’re increasing the catalog significantly and including plenty of full story arcs…basically what a good amount of people on here have been asking for. I’m feeling fairly confident this will at least partially be the case based on what a bunch of the moderators have alluded to recently

@Tumey you mean the vague noncommittal corporate language pre-launch wasn’t enough, your going to listen to the vague noncommittal moderator language? No, burn me once, I’ll not get my hope up. Before I pay I’ll need to actually SEE result.

Didn’t know that wasn’t there, I don’t have an android so the message was never on my computer or Roku where I view this service. Could be they are just delaying releasing… whatever it was.

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I didn’t see any repeat thumbnails, maybe that’s already been fixed.

The timing doesn’t really matter in the long run. I’d rather they get it right instead of rushing just to meet an unofficial deadline that was never a guarantee in the first place. You can’t rush art.

@knightnorth - I can’t argue your logic there. If you feel like you’ve gotten the short stick once then it’s up to DC to prove themselves. I think we’re all hoping they do

Can any of the mods comment on the change in language in the comics page? Will we still have the full digital library available? Will we need to purchase some books, will we be able to purchase current issues? I ask because I have stopped buying on Comixology because I am waiting for answers. It would be nice to know something as I am missing some good sales.

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The language change is a placeholder until we finalize the next evolution in the comics service. We do not have any further details at this time. I don’t believe there would be any conflict if you continued buying on ComiXology- we will message in advance when the changes take effect, so you’ll have time to transition.


Wow. So DCU won’t even be able to beat what Comixology has on sale. They won’t have the DC “Bestsellers”? Comixology recently had the DC “Events” on sale. So the comics they offer here will be even more fringe than that? It goes from “Action Comics #1 to Rebirth” then “Full Digital Library will be available to purchase in October” and now “Go ahead and get backlog comics on Comixology because the stuff we’re going to have here won’t be that good.” Gets better every month, huh.


Thanks for the update Applejack.

While I would like to be optimistic, it sounds like they just missed the October timeframe and have instead put a vague message in its place.


I just looked and it still shows the October banner

Interesting but just going to keep waiting and see what happens. I have some doubts too but there’s no point in bashing and being like “this sucks, comixology #1” as that type of stuff is ranted on here every day. Hoping for the best soon

I am remaining optimistic. The reality is DC is still a comic book publisher under another larger company, so naturally the DC staffed mods are going to speak corporate talk. Also understanding that the wheels in corporations are naturally slow, this can only be intensified by the fact approvals more than likely have to go through both, DC offices and probably at least one at Warner Bros. It may take awhile, but I signed up for a year. I have time to see what it melds into with our feedback. I bought in for a year to support a company I love. Do they have hiccups? Yes, but that is why it is important to say these are our issues constructively as a community and try to stay optimistic since we are only roughly a month into the app. While there does need to be some immediate fixes done to show they are listening (i.e. basic forum changes and streaming sync on devices) we should learn to be somewhat patient. They have a team working on a plethora of requested things. I imagine there is a long laundry list somewhere and these things can’t be done overnight. They have to work through them and check them off one by one. I imagine they have a certain number of staff available as well, so give them some breathing room to make this the best app they can. I see a lot of potential here.


PrincessAmethyst I don’t think the corporate structure is that murky. DC Comics Inc doesn’t own or run DC Universe. It’s owned and ran by Warner using DC logos. I just don’t understand why management is still sending forum moderators out to spread the rumors and messages. Why not a simple press release? If WBs not interested in responding officially then it must not be that important to them. That’s what has got me least optimistic about this service. Nobody in authority wants to actually say or do anything so information gets disseminated second and third hand.