Checkmate (2006-) #15

Checkmate (2006-) #15

Oh, look at that…another jump to the Outsiders. WHICH. IS. NOT. AVAILABLE. ON. DC. UNIVERSE…!!!

Again - Not being able to read the full story arc, is ridiculous.

Sucks that people that read this before didn’t have access to the Outsiders books. What will suck in the future come Feb. 28 2019 is that this series is leaving the service so anyone reading The Outsiders will not have these issues.

Wow, this crossover is getting better with every issue. Tommy Jagger continues to lead the team in their efforts to track Nightwing and Boomerang, Jr., but they don’t seem to be in much luck.

That surprise cameo at the end is going to make this even better. Egg Fu is absolutely troubling. He’s a vicious villain and went so far as to take apart Sasha. That’s horrible. Boomerang, Jr. was put through the ringer.