Chris Quinn (part three)

Chris and Flame came back to the sirens hideout to sleep they noticed no one was there flame massaged Dg and Chris, Wild Boy
No answer from Dg but Wild boy answered quickly to chris like usual and told chris he had a lot to explain.
30 minutes later
“I have to teleport us off of the planet?” - chris
“Yes!” - Wild boy
“Ok makes sense ive been teleporting things all month.”
“Wait you knew?”
“Mhm well i had powers not the others. Ok well we should rest before the others get here”
Flame went to her room.
Wb and Chris share rooms so he simply plopped down on his bed.
“Briyen im scared ive never teleported outside our earth what if…”
“Hey it’ll be ok your stronger than you think!”
Briyen gave him the look that always made Chris feel better.
“And if you need anything im right here ok?”
They both fall asleep.

Three hours later
Chris wakes up to find his friends all in bed but his mom cooking breakfast something she almost never has time to do…
“Mom your making breakfast? Why?”
“Because i wanted to do something specisl for you all so you wo-”
she hesitates.
Chris knows somethings wrong.
“Mom What is it?”
“Nothing go wake your team.”
They all wake up and eat breakfast,
“Its time” Granny Q
Chris starts to sweat
“Its gonna be ok”- Briyen
Chris smiles a worried smile
They all walk outside and Chris concentrates on a portal it takes a while but it opens then the earth explodes letting out the creature hidden beneath they all run in exept Chris an Harley
“Mom what are you doing come on!”
Tearily “Chris i love you and im sorry being your mother was the greatest thing that could ever happen to me take care of you grandmother.”
“Mom what do you mean come on!”
Harley Pushes Chris into the portal and it stays open only long enough for him to watch his mom go up in flames
Screams “MOOOOMMMMMM!!!”

Four coming tommorow

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@ChirsQuinzel if you do a sequel let me know

Im gonna do four soon ive just been busy my life is like all over the place so it might be a while.

@ChrisQuinzel can I be in part 4

If anyone reads these im probably gonna end it here bc my ideas are just all over tge place and im constantly thinking of new things so this is gonna be the end until i can get my ideas togetger and hopefully by tgat time we will be able to delete stuff🤞 so ill delete this and start over but i also might keep it like this idk this isnt very good anyways so…

You should add the links to the previous parts!

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@kittykrawler yea but idk how so…