Chris Quinn (part two)

Present day
“I told you we shouldn’t have snuck into his house!” -flame
“Relax it’ll be fine i got an escape plan.” -Chris Quinn
“I hate your escape plans.”
Chris and flame jump off tge roof of the building onto a dumpster, then jump into a hole in the ground.

“Chris where are we its dark and smells terrible?” -flame
“Were here to meet up with an old friend.”
“You mean…?”
“Mhm… Pengy how are ya?”
“Fine what brings you to my neck a the sewer?”- emperer penguin
“Well we were escaping…”
“Stop right there im not helpin with more of your crazy schemes go ask “Hat-boy” or “dj” but im not helping.”
“Its Mad Hat and Dg, but could we at least hide for a while?”
Fine but stay away from the little ones, they’re acting wierd like somethings gonna happen. I’m telling ya Chris i dont like this ever since the war ended and the sides were split into two, things changed the earth keeps rumbling, people just disappear, its like the war was keeping something asleep, something dangerous."
“And now that the war is over, its awake.”
The three give each other worried looks.

Meanwhile at The Sirens hideout
Vamp walks in and flops on a chair
“Dude when i went flying my wings started to burn, no fire just burn, and i couldn’t breathe next thing you know i’m inside box with black smoke coating the air.”
“We think somethings going on wuth the planet its not itself”-Dg
“Have you heard of the ancient legend of the dark and light gods?” -Granny Q
“Legend says the gods created this planet to be full of balance until one day two gods went to war, The dark god Gentiva thought to be part god part demon, and Halovia the light god. It’s said that Halovia was murdered by Gentiva, The light gods were Furious, but being the good guys they are they decided to lock Gentiva deep into the center of the planet, Growing angrier and more dark and powerful by the day, after the war ends he will rise to destroy the planet in exactly 14 years and a day. The war ended 13 years and 363 day, leaving us 2 day’s until Gentiva destroys us all!”
“What do we do?” -Blakk Katt
“I know what to do…”- Harley Quinn
“There’s something i have to tell you all, Eighteen years ago when i was a doctor there was a patient a special patient the dark god Dentavokoe he was sweet and funny and, sighs we had a kid, a kid blessed with my smarts and crazy and his Power, Dark powers beyond your Comprehension. I never told him because i knew that if he used those powers he could create a portal forvall dark gods to enter our world, including his father, his father was a good man but he has his flaws and he has been sworn to darkness so dark even we are like Heroes compared to them. Chris can create a portal for us to get out of here he will be able to use his powers on that new world you all can create a name for yourselves, The Sirens could be the biggest crime gang in the world. But he can never know the truth it may hurt you guys because i know you guys tell each other everything but its the only way to keep his father away.”
“I thought you said his father was a good man”-Dg
“I- we have to go, get to your houses and pack anything you need and rest we will meet here tomorow”
“That is if Chris ever comes home”-Granny Q

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Im gonna make like a bio for all tge charaters that have been shown and upcoming but not right now cause im going out but yea so you can better understand who they are :joy::blush:

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Ok so heres the character bios

Chris Quinn
Real name: Krischan (christian) Jackson Quinzel
Aliases: Jack Frost, Ezra Kyle, Jacob Isely, Catboy, Poison, Dark Prince, so many others
Can copy abilities (like Amazo)
Has many personalities (not as many as crazy jane unless his psychiatrist just doesnt know​:thinking::joy:)
Dark abilities(from his dad)
Black wings (from dad)
Vast multiversal abilities (from dad)
18yrs old (spoilers thats gonna change ;))
Apart of a lot of criminal teams most unknown (for now) The Sirens (Flame, Chris, Dg, Vamp, BlackBird, some others)
The society (lots of characters some arent finished so…)
The Doom Legion (Chris, Shiva, Killer Snow, Lady Fear)
The Birds(currently)/The Prey(formerly) (yes my rendition of the Birds of Prey) The Canary(not black canary… You’ll see), Huntriz, BlackBird(former), Dg(former), Chris Quinn(formerly)
Fist of Demons (mhm im gonna keep changing names) Shiva, Flame(former), Chris(former), Dvada, hld’na(deceased)
The underworld
Other occupations: Psychiatrist, lead singer in a band, Artist, Therapist, a couple other things
Origin: son of harley quinn and the god dentavokoe. Chris has been following his mothers footsteps while also following his destiny.

Real name: Sinna (sin-a) Stacy Falcone
Aliases: Wildfire, The Fire Witch, Pyro killer, Lady Pyro
Heat Resistance
Can light hair on :fire:
Skin can melt through Lead
17 yrs old (again gon change)
The Sirens
The Society
Fist of Demons
The Falcone crime family
The heated hotties (girl gang)
Other occupations: lead guitar, falcone crime family, hair stylist
Origin: Sinna was born into the Falcone Crime Family she works mostly as the second in command for the Falcone branched Gang the heated hotties. Sinna later got caught up in the league of shadows where she met one of her closest friends Chris Quinn, she later developed pyrokinetic abilities due to radiation exposure on a “job” for HH(heated hotties) Sinna now holds the mantle of Flame.

Granny Q
Real name: Dorthie Selvina Quinzel
Aliases Granny Dark, all knowing elder, dark/psycho librarian
Surprising agility and strength
Vast Knowledge of the gods
Slight Telepathy
Thought to age years every week
Age unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Origin: Thought to be thousands of years old the mother of Harley Quinn has been the keeper to a library tgat contains knowledge on EVERYTHING about their earth including people and is split into three sections Evil, Good, and civilian located between all three designated areas ( ill explain thst soon).

Wild Boy
Real name: Briyen Jacob Zizadall
Aliases: The Dark Kid, Moon
Can “grow” animal parts ( claws,wings,tail,etc.)
Shapeshift into animals
Telepathy (human and animal)
Dark powers
Turns into a demon
The Underworld
The Gotham city Secrets
Others unknown
Other occupations basketball player, owns a comic store with Chris
Origin born into a family of philanthropists when his father lost his money he could not afford his wifes medication and she died so he commited suicide leaving Briyen with no one he found friends with people but when they learned of his powers he was banished to the land of Evil where he met Chris they became fast friends and have been best friends ever since. Briyen later found out his mother was not dead she was a demon by the name of Xaliana.

Mad Hat
Real name: Keetan Bruce Tetch
Aliases: schizophrenic Hatter, Schizophrenia Boi
Can project mental illnesses in someones brain (his favorite is schizophrenia)
Sonic Scream
Teleportation through hat
Poison Tea
The Wonderland Gang
The Titans
The Hive
The society
Suicide Squad
Other occupations: owns a tea shop ( the Mad tea party Tea shop),
And a hat shop,
And a bookstore,
writes stories based on wonderland
Origin: born of Psychopath Jervis tetch Keetan loved alice in wonderland and especially Mad hatter he Created the Mad Hat persona and has led a life of crime. Keetan and Chris have a very complicated friendship sometimes they hate each other sometimes they are inseperable.

Ok im done for now ill post more character bios before part three

Part three out now

@ChrisQuinzel can I be in part 3