Chris Quinn (story)

On an alternate earth floating in the multiverse, unknown to most. The ones that do know of it think it was created by a cosmic being and then discarded others have a darker idea, some say that this earth was a planet of war, war so vast and huge Ares himself cowers at the hatred of the two sides the good, the heroes, and the Evil, villains, Criminals, psychopaths, forever fighting the war to end war and that fighting made the earth completely unknown to the outside world, no one really knew what happened to the earth but one things for sure, what came out of it meant bad and good things for the multiverse…

Eighteen years ago
“Dr. Quinzel, you’re late like usual theres a new patient today you’ll like him.” - Dr. Grafinaz
“Thank you Dr. Grafinaz i’ll go to his cell as soon as i get the fi-… Thanks see ya later whispers sadly” - Quinzel

“Hello my name is Dr. Harleen Quinzel, ill be talking with you about your… Condition. Says here ya think you’re some kind of a god trapped in a humans body and your name is Dentakovoe? Hmm fun name, this also says you killed the last doctor believe i don’t kill easily.”
“I know, i wouldnt want to kill a woman with your beauty anyways.”
Quinzel laughs and blushes
“So why dont you tell me what you mean when you say “god” do you mean like the christian god or the greek ones”
“Neither, why dont you come closer and i’ll explain…”

The next day
“Dr. Quinzel my guards say they heard you with patient “Dentavokoe” care to explain” - warden
After a Long untruthful explanation
“Dr. Quinzel i have evidence you wont just lose your job you’ll lose your freedom im locking you up with your bf”
“I doubt that warden”
Harleen quickly stabs the warden seven times with her pen then whispers i never liked you.
Harleen walked to the cell where she met Dentavokoe, he was gone " hit and run, whatever i’ll just have pammy come over"

The next morning Harleen wakes up with a strange surprise it looks like shes pregnant but it had been one day how she calls Pamela Iseley and tells her what happened when suddenly there was a cloud of black smoke and boom a little baby boy “Pammy i just had a kid ill talk to ya later”
She looks at the baby and its almost like someone put the name in her brain “Chris”…

To be continued…

Part two coming soon

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Theres alot of spelling and punctuation errors but this is the first fan fic i actually shared with people so…

@ChrisQuinzel Can I be in it

@supercoolkid like i said its just too personal dude if i ever make another thing ill think about it ok?

Part two out now