Chronological completionist... need reading order

Hey, hoping to read it all in chronological order with what is provided on this app. Is there a way I can find an order or arrange that order? I’ll realistically skip issues I don’t care for but still I’d like to check them all out.

Alternative order that cover the essentials would be nice too but prefer the above.

Thanks ahead of time

  1. Don’t read chronologically. It gets boring Real fast.

  2. Start with recent series which will be more relevant and useful. Of course expect not to know everything, but there are too many “essential” comics.

  3. Read by trade. Trades tell you the whole arc and create more value in the story.

  4. I have a rebirth reading order for DCU only.

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For sure it’s easier just to read series by series.

There is a way in the comics library to sort by publication date either from the most recent or from the most ancient that’s available.

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The sort by Publication Date is by Title not issue.

There is no way to see issues that were published in October 2017, for example


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Thanks for the replies. I’m fine with it being boring. I’ll probabky skip it when that happens. I was hoping to have a checklist of essentials issues to make sure I don’t skip anything big.

I almost want to study it more academically and see how the comics changed over time.

If you want to start from the very beginning that is the Golden Age

From.the main menu

All Comics
Filter by Era
Golden Age
Get 20 results


On the money turok. Thanks

So I tried it out but it is just by the date of the first issue not every issue… So you would basically need to open each golden era series and read the date on the title. They should really have a way to sort by publication date, shouldn’t be too hard… A checklist of every read comics would be nice too

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Do you collect omnibuses/chronicles/Golden Age volumes? They reprint in publication order.

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While they aren’t on the app, they are probably your best bet if you want to spend more time reading and less time compiling/researching.

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I don’t hence the app. I just want to experience the essential stories originally before I see all the later comics rehash it.

I gotta say golden age has a very cool look to it. Are the animated series based mostly on that era?

Only Superman Max Fleischer
Cartoons 1941

Superman Movie Serial late 1940s

TV show Adventures of Superman is 1952, live action

Everything else 1966 and later

Wonder Woman 1975 Season 1 was based on Golden Age.
Some animated episodes of Batman TAS like Robin’s Reckoning also were.