It’s been said countless times here but I’ll say it again: We Got This Covered is not a reliable source


The executive producer has said they see Supergirl/Batwoman taking the place of the Arrow/Flash relationship.

Supergirl rating are basically right around what they were last year (excluding the crossover episodes.

Batwoman’s ratings have been higher than Supergirl’s this year. And both are higher than Black Lightning and Arrow. Flash has the top spot. So to cut the number 2&3 shows doesn’t really make sense. Especially for next season not knowing how Canaries will perform. Also the ratings data doesn’t show how many viewers are doing so via CW app. Plus they know that about 1/3rd of Arrowverse watchers stream the content after the season. Also they are both Sunday night shows and have been going up against NFL football in Sunday night prime time.

And Kevin Conroy didn’t play the kingdom come version of Batman. Rough was from the Kingdom Come earth and on the Earth that Conroy was on Batman had not only killed Superman but had done so in such a way that spilt blood on Clark’s glasses.

Not a reputable source and if you look at the underlying relevant data, the theory really doesn’t hold water at all.


I will be the first one to say that Season 5 of Supergirl has had its issues, but looking at the numbers, Supergirl and Batwoman are still some of CWs stronger shows. They fit the profile CW is going for as a diverse network. If Supergirl were to go it would make more sense if it happened due to Melissa wanting to do something else or because Stargirl will be filling the same profile. Batwoman has no reason to go at all after one season.

Having said that, if Supergirl and Batwoman were to end, my post-mortem thoughts would be that I hope and think that they made a dent in what TV Superhero shows means. Coming in 2nd and 3rd rated of the arrowverse shows they showed that they could create shows that were led by women, and not only held their own, but also could actually stand for something while doing it.

They took a strong stand for equality for all people regardless of race, species, gender identity and sexuality. They took a strong stand for belief in science. Was it in your face? Definitely, but it also gave a lot of people a home and stood for more than good guy punches bad guy.

In a society where all over the world, intolerance and alternative truths are gaining ground in higher politics and shaping society, TV shows imparting sound values to the next generation is more crucial than ever. Superheroes are meant to be a guiding light.

They had their ups and downs, but these two shows fulfilled their duties as Superhero shows. They gave us heroes worthy of aspiring to become.

If they left now they can leave with pride, regardless of what issues I may have with the shows.


Is anyone at all upset Because we won’t see arrow season 9?



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From a CW branding standpoint these are additional reasons why Supergirl and Batwoman aren’t exiting any time soon.

The big question is licensing mercy sales as well. Supergirl is a brand and if they can build around a similar brand around Batwoman. That will tell them a lot.

Especially with Buffy and Xena, they built up a brand around each that in its day was more inclusive than the competition and certain demographics noticed and they gained in loyalty to those brands. Media is a multi-faceted beast today, more than ever.


Not in the slightest. It’s run it’s course and they are getting the opportunity to put a big bow on the end of it. Truth is, in this day and age, 8 years is a really dang good run.


Are you watching a Supergirl from some parallel Earth? Because the one I’ve been watching hasn’t exactly been working strong “science is awesome” themes.

It felt more–simplistic. Basic. Sometimes condescendingly so. The writing of Supergirl took a big plummet in quality in Season 2. They didn’t care how poorly they got their “message” across, as long as it was theirs getting across.

Just because the writers aren’t shy about how they don’t like the Mango Antichrist, doesn’t mean they’re right about everything, or are some moral beacon of hope. Even people who claim to be on the “right side of history” are susceptible to different “alternative truths”, simply because they might align with their sociopolitics.

Mostly downs. The last time Supergirl was inspiring was Season 1, where she stopped a violent, armed man without her powers. Since then, she’s assaulted a guard for doing his job (preventing her from trespassing), been hypocritical without being called out on it (complains about Lena, a friend, secretly developing Kryptonite, but doesn’t have a problem with Alex using it on Evil Kryptonians), there was the cops that just happened to be so racist they threatened to shoot Guardian because they saw he was black, while just letting his assailants escape, which real cops wouldn’t do, they’d want them for questioning–oh, and that time Livewire said a bunch of dead aliens “had it coming” when a gas that attacked their biological sex killed them. Inspiring.

The show tends to take a lot of logical leaps in order to get their point across, and they do it in a way that often feels insulting to intelligence. I watched the pilot for Batwoman and was unimpressed with it, but from what I hear of other episodes, Kate decided “she just couldn’t” bring herself to stop her crazy sister, despite having numerous opportunities allowing her continue to harm and murder people. So inspiring. Not to mention other characters taking any opportunity to talk about how great Kate is while she acts like an entitled jerk (I guess Tynion must ghostwrite for this one). Heck, her Crisis episode basically warped them to an Earth where Bruce was, conveniently, a murdering psycho, so she’d look better and more appropriate as a “Paragon”, a “bat of the future”. These writers must have great health insurance, given they probably break their arms often, patting themselves on the back for so little effort put into the writing itself.


Until I see something from a reliable source, I always take these as rumor.


I agree. I trust and IGN. They haven’t said a word about this. And if there is a ratings drop, I wouldn’t be surprised. Sunday night football will cause lower ratings for shows on Sunday night. The CW probably acknowledges this when they check ratings.


Pretty sure this has been said, but also say it just to affirm:
WeGotThisCovered is not a reputable news site. It is a click-baity rumor mill that blows rumors out of proportion or just tells outright lies. It’s the National Enquirer of the internet. If you see any news coming from this site, ignore it,


This story


No apologies necessary. You’re not the first to be deceived by WGTC, and you won’t be the last, I’m sure.

It’s not like that’s the only place claiming Batwoman’s ratings are bad. I’ve notice a few YouTube videos making the same claim in their thumbnails.

Whoever wrote the original article makes it clear they have no idea what they’re talking about.

“We’re aware that we said the same thing about a year ago…”
“it’ll either end after this season or, failing that, the next one.”

As for Batwoman, they say it might only last “another season or two” which you could say about literally every show in its debut season.

Basically if Supergirl or Batwoman ever end, they’ll add these “predictions” to their proof of the reliability of their sources in the next made up rumour they promote.


Five years from now…
WGTC: “OK, I know we’ve been saying this for years now, but this time we SWEAR Batwoman’s on the verge of being canceled. Sure, it’s become the CW’s most popular show, but the ratings have really been dwindling according to our “sources,” so you can definitely trust us this time.”


But if you actually look at the ratings, it’s the 2nd most popular CWVERSE show, with Flash in the number one slot. So to say it has lower ratings is silly. Arrow, Black Lightning & Supergirl all have lower ratings than Batwoman. If ratings are the metric you want to use, Batwoman is pretty “safe” from a CWVERSE standpoint.


Even if Supergirl were cancelled, 5 years is a good run for any show.


Wegotthiscovered just makes stuff up. They are about as reliable with entertainment news as the guy three beers in at the bar is.