[CLOSED] About The DC Universe Rewards Experience: FAQs

First, thank you so much for taking this journey through our emerging DC Universe Rewards Program with us! With your help, we will be able to iron out all the little kinks that will make our long-term experience much better for everyone.


We have created 4 topics devoted to different categories of feedback. As you explore the DC Universe Rewards Program, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please use one of these topics or resources to submit your thoughts. By doing it with this organization, we are able to pass along your feedback MUCH more effectively! They are:


:thinking: "I did not receive a confirmation on my posters or pins, when can I expect the prize?"

We ask that members allow 6-8 weeks for shipping on their items due to COVID-related delays. We are currently working on getting confirmations out to all members who have redeemed their codes, so please stay tuned!

:thinking: "Can I stack my discount codes for the shop?"

You may only use one discount code per order.

:thinking: "How often are new rewards dropped?"

New Rewards are updated on a semi-regular basis. Keep your eyes peeled on the notification bell in the Rewards section!

:thinking: "Why do some many folks have thousands of tokens in the leaderboard?"

The leaderboard is a reflection of the total amount of tokens earned over time. For some people, they have received refunds due to an error of accidental redemptions or damaged product. For this reason, it appears they have a lot more tokens, but their actual balance is closer to the high average.

:thinking: "Will any Rewards prizes that were in the inventory previously be available in the future?"

Then it’s time to board the ship! :rocket: Climb on the SS DC Universe Rewards Program here:rocket: , and let us know every little thing you can think of about your experience!

:fire:HOT TIP! Ad-blockers might prevent you from earning tokens, so please turn them off if it seems like you’re not earning tokens.

For any additional help, you can get an overview of the program on the DC Universe Rewards How it Works page and find a more detailed Frequently Asked Questions here .

Thank you all so much for going on this journey with us- we hope you’ll have as much fun earning tokens as we did building the program!


This is a FANTASTIC idea! Thanks!!!:man_superhero:


Thanks so much for trying it out! :flexmentallo_dp:


Hell yeah.


I’m ready to go!!


I love this


This is awesome! I felt distant from the comic book world during this hectic time because I prefer physical copies (as I’m sure many do) and my comic book shop hasn’t gotten back into the groove of things just yet. But I love DC and have had a DCU membership for a while now, so I’m excited for this program. It forces me to engage in digital comics more, as well as be part of the community. But enough rambling, I love the sound of this program and hopefully I’m able to get some cool stuff!


@MissInkBlot, can we take a moment to acknowledge how great @EndIsNigh’s avatar/username combo is?

I’m so happy you’re enjoying the experience, and we hope your shop is able to help get you back on your physical copies feet soon :slight_smile:


You’re right, @Applejack, thank you for the head’s up! :heart_eyes: I and my profile banner heartily approve! :wink:

A warm welcome to the forums to you, @EndIsNigh! In case you want to add an intro, you can do so on our Roll Call thread, but in either case, I hope you enjoy both the program and the community - we’re happy to have you! :slight_smile:


I am so happy and in love with this reward concept!!!
One thing could you make the recharge say 4 or five days instead of 7.


Hi, @Adriel Yes, I was wondering about that, too. Mainly because there are times to be “on a roll” and that doesn’t get captured. I try not to look at the rankings, too, because it is mathematically impossible to catch up with limits like that.


That’s awesome, thanks for the suggestion! I’m definitely going to introduce myself.

Glad to see some fellow Watchmen fans during this apocalyptic time. I think I’m gonna have to crack my copy open and reread it … for the fifth time. :smile:


Great ideas and I want swamp thing rewards or at least Constantine ones anyone from dark justice league


It’s too bad so many missed the point. I didn’t get it at first, and sure it’s an Experiment…but it’s an experiment in Giving Away Free Stuff For What You Already Do!
If you want to find the loop holes to grab 250 every week, or you participate and search for bonuses and such, IT’S ALL GOOD!
And for the love of all that is good in this world. Say Thank you!
I’m not pointing fingers but some responses sound like the person would get mad for getting Birthday Presents!!!


I wanted to redeem my rewards for the Harley Quinn statue but I don’t see it offered anymore. Will it return?

We do not have that statue available anymore, but we will be releasing new rewards over the next few months. Stay tuned!

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I was interested in the Harley Statue too.
The computer wallpaper and posters aren’t appealing to me.
I have so many Comic Con posters …don’t really have the wall space.
There was a Jim Lee comic book Wonder Woman 750 comic advertised, but it was gone right away.
Wish there was more variety available in awards.
Love the fact there is a rewards program. Maybe some comic book variant covers? :heart:


I was very disappointed to see the Harley Quinn statue disappear when I was so close to 1,500. It definitely took a bit of the thrill out of reaching that threshold when I found there was nothing in the rewards section I really wanted to spend points on anymore.


Hi, everyone! This topic is dedicated to telling you all about how to sign up for Rewards, and to answer some of your FAQs. If you have any more questions that you don’t see represented in the topic description, please head over here to dig into some of the more unique situations around Rewards: Questions About DC Universe Rewards Program? Ask Here!