[CLOSED] ASK...HARLEY QUINN! Weekly Advice Column Submission Thread

Dr. Quinn,

I haven’t reached out enough to my close friends from college after I dropped out 5 years ago. I sometimes check in on them from time to time, but I get the feeling that I’ve been ghosting them. I can’t assume we’ll be friends forever at this rate, can I?

Dear Harley,
Do you have any good advice for my wife to help her get a girlfriend? Thanks in advance!


Dr Quinn, :harley_classichqtas:
So my Puddin’ and I have been in a tiny NYC apt. since Ras unleashed this Mutated Virus!! We both work from home. She is a math teacher, I am an artist.
Sometimes we may have minor “Communication” issues :harleybathqtas:… Any advise on accepting and LOVeING ALL of your Partner In Crime? How to take the good with the bad and all that?
BTW, She took me to Birds of Prey in the theater before the “Crisis” (that’s a pun…) she even asked me for early Birds of Pray to read! Thats huge Harley!
Love ya Kiddo

Hey Harley,

My Birthday is May 22nd, this column ends the 20th, can I have an Early Birthday wish?
would be the best gift to get! :black_heart: :heart:

My first question never made it in, so any chance I can re-ask it?

I’m so sad to see you go. I’m glad you answered my question Harl! Sending you all of the love :harley_smilehqtas:

Doctor Quinzel!
Hi! May I…borrow your fun-gun? :tada: Jk!
That’s not my real Q. My real Q is this:

I’m among the younger children in my family, so my parents had me later than perhaps is ‘standard’.
What would your advice be to someone w/ aging parents wanting to help them keep a lively mind? What can I do or suggest they do? Thanx.
Also: Bonus Q! When are you gonna make an honest woman out of Ivy?! Meow! :purple_heart: -RC

Ps.I’m going to be sad to see this column go, btw.
Luv you!! :grinning: Ok, Bye.

Hi, HQ!

What advice would you give to someone writing their very last weekly advice column?

Dear Dr. Harley Q,

How do you cope with this period of time when there are no new comic books coming out?

Hey, just wanted to thank Harley for answering my question a few weeks back. Thanks doc, and I’ll look into merchandising opportunities!

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Hi Dr. Quinn,

Should I dip my fries in ketchup or pour ketchup over my fries? Does it depend on the sauce? Thank you.

You don’t sound like a loser. Thank you for being vulnerable and asking this which many of us are too afraid to ask.

Dr. Quinel! Advice!?

Dr. Quinzel

I have a good friend who I think is really fun and funny. He works in a Natural Science museum, and ever since then he’s gotten really into plants and fossils, specifically trilobites, and he goes on and on talking about them.
Me, on the other hand don’t have much interests in all that science stuff (although, I do enjoy the free entry to the museum), my question is:
Considering your relationship with Ivy, how do I get him to shut up about all the stuff?

Dr. Quinzel is back for the last time with advice, including the age-old question What’s the Best Way to Put Ketchup on My French Fries?

Will the following please proceed to the Group Therapy room to receive the “good” doctor’s advice on your pressing question? Paging @ReptileHand, @PR0FESS0RZ00M, @Carbon, @arkhamassassin, @Razzzcat, @noediaz8791.95346, @Nessca, @Madeye_Moody7, and @ralphsix


This week’s column marks the final installment of “Ask Dr. Harley Quinn.” We here at DC Universe would like to express our deepest possible gratitude to Jimmy Palmiotti, to Amanda Conner, and to Dr. Quinn herself for providing us with some of the best advice we could hope for during one of the craziest periods in recent history. Vive la Harlequin!