[CLOSED] Questions About DC Universe Rewards Program? Ask Here!

I suppose I might be taking the first sentence a bit too literally, I thought a new tier would unlock new/hidden earn cards lol

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I redeemed tokens for a free 30 day subscription. I cannot figure out how to redeem them to extend my current subscription. I received a code, but whenever I click the “Redeem Now” button, it just sends me to the sign up page as a new user. If I sign in, it just takes me to my account. I cannot find a page to enter the code.

@Applejack I saw on DC Daily that they are releasing a Stargirl poster for the show as a reward on Monday!! This is yet another reason this program is awesome!

How do I know what time I registered? I don’t see a time stamp anywhere.

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I think the rewards program is an amazing addition to DCUniverse. They already have some great options that you can spend your tokens on. Right now I think the Harley Statue is my favorite.

Anyways what are some general and specific rewards you hope make it to the program for example in general maybe you want variant covers you can redeem for and a more specific recommendation would be the green lantern replica power battery.

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I’m having this same issue :sob:

I was thinking it could be cool to have a checklist of sorts on how tokens are earned, like perhaps a clearer description of the bonuses. (example: X number of points for binging 10 episodes) I was already enjoying the service and now the rewards program is helping me to look through areas (like the community) that I wasn’t really paying as much attention to before, and now I’m enjoying it even more!

Just an fyi: I heard through the grapevine that there’s a Reddit thread for exactly that - all the ways to get bonus points.


Thank you!

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Why is there a limit? And why is it so low? Will it increase? Is there currently away to earn above your limit?

Hi @Applejack,

Are we able to earn rewards tokens for participating in community events, if so how do I do so? :grin:

Don’t see the Stargirl lithograph available yet that was supposed to go up today.

May just take some time before it goes live. Had some tokens I wanted redeem and weighing the lithograph against another item. Just wanted to know token cost of lithograph.


Same here, I’ve been checking since midnight.


So what’s the limit of how many’s tokens you can get a week?

250, with some hidden bonus opportunities :slight_smile:

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Heya @TaimurDar and @godolphin, we’re checking with the team now :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience!

(It’s worth the wait, I was able to see a copy and it’s beautifully printed!)


Hello, a quick question for @Applejack or @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell, do you know when the poster of Stargirl going to be added to the reward thing?:slightly_smiling_face::star2:


This is where I’m glad I didn’t spend my tokens just yet, I was feeling torn on whether to get the Harley statue or the Doom Patrol poster. If the lithograph is reasonably priced I’ll probably get that first and grind my way to get other goodies. Worst case scenario I’ll leave the Harley statue last since it’s still up on the shop as an option.

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Is there a limit to the number of times I can redeem the same reward? It seems like it would be easy to keep earning 400 tokens every month and redeeming them for another month of premium subscription

I think it would be great if we could use our rewards point to purchase digital or even hard copies of comic books. I notice you can buy movies, but we are lacking more comic book content from the rewards, in my opinion.

Thanks guys, I love DC Universe and the fast responses i get when i have a question. This is head and shoulders the best customer service i have ever experienced.