[CLOSED] Questions About DC Universe Rewards Program? Ask Here!

That is done in your Profile of the rewards program. You can find it here:

Upper right of the screen- click your profile icon (it would currently look like a black silhouette, if you don’t already have this set):

Then, click the little pencil you see on the right:

From there, click the word “Character”, under where it says “Edit Profile”:

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 2.13.54 PM Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 2.13.49 PM

That should do it!

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It’s from the time you registered! So if you registered at 12:00pm on April 1st, you would be able to start earning tokens again at 12:00pm on April 8th, even if you had only earned 10 tokens in that week.


Thanks for your help, @InfiniteBatmans!

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I think you missed an “I.”


And an “A”! Thanks for passing this along :slight_smile:


When you select Batwoman as one of your favorite characters, the “recommendations” which pop up are for Batgirl.




Update: there are now NO recommendations for selections of Batwoman, or Green Lantern.


I no longer have the rewards tab. I dont know if this is due to the update, if it was taken away, or is just an isolated incident with me.

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I know that you get a bonus for watching an entire series, but do you only get that bonus if the rewards page acknowledges that you watch every episode? For example, I am in the middle of watching Young Justice again. I watched the first four episodes before I reached my token limit for the week. The rewards page knows I watched those episodes. However, I just watched two more episodes and, since I reached my token limit, the episodes are not listed on the rewards page. Would that affect how the program tracks the episodes?

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Heya! Just to confirm, are you seeing the Batgirl recommendations in the “Gone in a Flash” category? That area is “character agnostic”. If you are able to provide screenshots for these errors moving forward it will speak 1,000 words :slight_smile:

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I think I understand, but do you mean that you have done the following?

  1. Selected “Green Lantern” and “Batwoman” as Characters
  2. When you go to your recommendations, you do not see recommended content for these characters?

Or, do you see only a blank screen?

Depending on the nature of the issue, there could be different reasons for why this is occurring. One reason, in the case of the first experience, could be that you’ve already fulfilled all the recommendation content programmed for those characters.

As always, screenshots are super helpful!

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Try fully exiting the app and re-entering; it’s beginning to populate across devices, and some random on/off could occur for users. Using the web-based experience on a desktop computer is the best way to manage your Rewards experience until we fully launch to the WORLD.

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I was able to resolve the issue by completely closing out. And launching to the world Huh, that’s a little closed minded don’t you think, I’m sure the people of Oa, apokolips, and Thanagar would enjoy some rewards as well.


Sorry, I should have said WORLDS, of course!

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The second case. Improbable — I have not engaged in that much Batwoman or GL content on DCU.

Hey bat4, thank you for your patience on this! I’ve been discussing this experience with the team, and we’re going to look into the way these rewards are balanced against the bonus. The reason is because currently, the system will not remember the episodes you watched and give you the bonus. Currently, if 13 episodes are 20 points each, you would have to watch the whole series starting at your point reset, without earning points anywhere else, to get the bonus.

This is an experience we want to solve for, because this feels very strict. Thanks for bringing to our attention :slight_smile:


I have a question! When do the tokens get reset?

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They are reset every 7 days from when you signed up :slight_smile: So if you signed up at 12:00pm on a Thursday, you will be able to start earning tokens again the next Thursday at 12:00pm.


Thanks. @Applejack! :grinning: