[CLOSED] Rewards: Your Experience Earning Tokens - Let Us Know Here!

It’s definitely not a comprehensive problem. It’s been working fine on both my laptop at the site and iPhone app. Never once had any problem with it.

Several people have had issues, though, so it’s probably an issue specific to one browser or phone.

Contact support and let them know what you’re experiencing and what platforms you’re using to access the app.

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Yes. On Thursdays at 12 pacific/ 3 eastern there will likely be new rewards, t-shirt and statues are the most likely possibilities. They will sell out in one to three hours, depending on how popular they are, but you will have the opportunity to use your tokens then.

Ok, I’ll see. Have had the app since day 1 and never have had a problem before. Started bout 2-3 weeks ago. Have had the same phone 2 years.

I wish I was able to actually spend my token I have like 3,000. There’s “virtually” Baddumm tsst nothing to buy.

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When I got my Young Justice shirt with my tokens the whole exchange took exactly 1 week.

They could even do tiny gift bags for 50-100 tokens, for numerous times. Heck, even trading cards costing that amount.

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How do they even decide what to use for rewards?

The current prizes are lame just wallpapers and $5.00 off. I hope tangible prizes at reasonable token “price” come back very soon.

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I agree just something would be nice. Now I just have all these meaningless points.


If I read correctly I think the “Tokens program” is being scrapped after this month anyway.

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Most likely. I’m thinking it was done to get rid of excess merch

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It was always set to end on September 23rd from day 1. It’s been in the FAQ from the start. It’s more of a pilot. They say they may tweak it and bring it back eventually.

Any time you have a rewards program there are going to be reasons why certain rewards are picked. Stargirl and Harley Quinn pins to help advertise and build interest in the show. DC Shop discounts and digital movie downloads to get people to visit the shop and see other cool things to buy or to try downloading movies at a service they haven’t used yet. And, yes, getting rid of merch that isn’t really selling or that you want to clear out to make way for new stuff is very often why some rewards are chosen. Sometimes other companies will provide rewards to help advertise their services or product.

I would not be surprised to see the rewards program return eventually. All the above mentioned benefits from providing rewards ultimately help the bottom line, it inflates their usage stats by giving people a reason to use the service even when they might not feel like it. It’s also a nice perk to add value to subscriptions, even if a handful of people would not agree.


Well, I mean that’s a pretty good deal for an extended phone charger. I got one, I’ll check back next week as well and try to save up more tokens.

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Yep! Ten foot cables can be pretty pricey. The last 6 foot one I bought was $8.

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It all seems pretty random

One day, comics work, the next, they don’t.

One day watching 3 episodes works, the next, nothing.

Just today, I read comics that I hadn’t read before from the “Earn more” listing , none of them moved. Watched episodes I hadn’t watched listed as “earners”, and none of them worked. Nothing has budged since Tuesday, using a tablet, my phone, AND my desktop.

This is clearly not an “app issue”. I’ve tried using various browsers, clearing my cache, standing on one foot while chanting the charm of making… nadda, zip.

So what gives?

PS: ordered the Harley pins on 7/20, it’s now 9/04 - I’ve had Wish orders faster.

Dude I ordered my HQ pins set when season one was first airing lol

I redeemed 800 tokens for a pin set more than a month ago but have not received it. I sent two emails to the email address listed and neither was answered. Is my order going to be sent?

Probably around Christmas time!

Anybody else suddenly having trouble getting tokens from clicking on articles?

I’m still getting tokens from watching videos, but not from reading articles or encyclopedia entries.