Comic Book Covers Featuring a Stark Single Color Background Fan Clubhouse!!!

Speechless, lol

Flash 151.
march 1965.

Got to go find that one! That was the same time. I believe that other comics were featuring the original Starman and the original Black Canary I think it’s Brave and Bold…

Young Romance 200.
Jul/Aug 1974.

@MisfitMarvel You have this one, right?

Reel Screen Comics 103.
October, 1956.

I guess this was a DC TV comic too back in the day.

Yeah…The Fox and Crow series was pretty popular too. Their comic ran for 17 years.

World’s Finest Comics #37.
Nov/Dec 1948.

Faces of Evil: Solomon Grundy 1.
March, 2009.


Yup, that is one stark cover!

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Body Doubles 1.
February 1998.

ah yes the excesses of the '90s

Girls’ Love Stories #154.
August 1970.

Wow, try counselling first please!

OOOOOO…got a Quitely cover here!

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Star Spangled Comics 67.
April 1947.

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I hope you are being paid for the hours of research to come up with these @dogwelder9

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ts a fun way to start my day. Just me, my PC, and a cup of Joe

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Warlord 65.
January, 1983.

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