Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread

A thread for books that are currently print only releases that we’d like to see make the jump into the digital realm.

My first request: I’d like to see the rest of the Godfall arc from the Superman books in digital form.

Action Comics #'s 812 and 813 are the only parts available in digital form thus far. That leaves the following to have the full arc digitally:

-Adventures of Superman (1986-2006) #'s 625 and 626
-Superman (1986-2006) #'s 202 and 203

Please and thank you =)

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This is a great idea.

Superman (1939) 2-39 would be really appreciated.

As a side note, I see that you have some microfiche comics here and other more raw scans. Comics Cavalcade, and some Wonder Woman Golden Age comics. I think that’s a great approach, to fill gaps in that way until they can (perhaps) be replaced with full restorations one day. I’d love to see more of that, if it means fewer gaps, in addition to more silver and golden age proper restorations.


The Spectre (1987) series.
Especially issues #7 and 8 (features Zatanna after the death of her father in Swamp Thing), #10 (Millennium tie-in that crosses over with Detective Comics, Suicide Squad and Captain Atom) and #11 (Millennium tie-in featuring a large gathering of DC’s mystic characters).

Green Arrow (1988)
Annual #1 (crossover with Detective Comics and Question), #2 (crossover with Question), #3-6

Immortal Dr. Fate (1985)

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Justice League of America (1987)
#33-36, 41, 42, Annual #4, 5, Special #1, 2

Justice League Europe (1989)
#14-36, Annual #1, 2

The Weird (1988)


Who’s Who Update '87

Who’s Who Update '88

Batman (1939) Annual #13

Blackhawk (1989) Annual #1

Swamp Thing (1982) Annual #5


Warlord (1976)


Can’t believe I forgot to add this one:

Batman Adventures (1992) #29-36


Thrillkiller (1997)
Thrillkiller '62 (1998)

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The rest of Solo
The 1992 JSA series
Day of Judgement
The Demon series from 1990
And I already requested Hourman, which they seem to have started digitizing :blush:


The Question Quarterly would be great!


I believe Day of Judgement is available digitally through kindle.

Karate Kid
Freedom Fighters (70s)
Secret Society of Super-Villains
Missing Green Arrow issues from mid-90s (100-137)


You’re right Day of Judgment is on kindle. I only looked for it on comixology and didn’t see it. Which is really weird considering how connected the two stores are.

A few more Superman oriented requests for DCU to pass onto DC proper (please and thanks):

-Action Comics (1938-2011) #'s 458-520, 522-551, 560-582, 600, 603-617, 627-658, 660, 661, 663-668

-Adventures of Superman (1986-2006) #'s 445-450, 580, 581, 599-607, 610-638, 640, 641 and 643-649

-Superman (1986-2006) #'s 157, 178-185, 188-203

-Superman Forever (1998) one-shot

-Superman Red/Superman Blue (1998) one-shot

-Superman: The Man of Steel (1991-2003) #'s 121-129, 132-134

For most of the above requested books, these are a priority in digitizing in that by having them here in conjunction with the issues of the above titles that are already here, DCU can then lay to claim as to having the complete Triangle Era (1990-2001) of Superman comics within its hallowed comics section.

Telling potential subscribers “DC Universe has the whole Triangle Era of Superman in their comics section!” would most definitely lead to more people signing up for DC Universe as it’s one of the best loved eras in modern Superman history.

In addition to being a lure for new members, existing members that aren’t familiar with the Triangle Era would be happy as a clam to have it all here so that they too could partake in a wonderful era of Superman history and see what all the hubbub is, bub.

SN: the remaining issues of the Godfall arc that were specified in my OP are referenced here again for the sake of completeness so that no issues would be accidentally left out.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m going to throw in my support for Ennis’ Demon, Warlord and the missing triangle era Superman and Grell Green Arrow issues.


Bumped for anyone that has new requests they’d like to make.

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Vroom - having the triangle era not only complete, but readable in ‘triangle order’ (without doing it manually) would be amazing.


Indeed it would be. A Triangle Era guide that members could refer to would be a handy dandy reference tool too.


Any and all Mike Grell would be appreciated.
Mostly, more Golden Age stuff! Specter, Hourman, Dr. Fate, Hawkman, etc. Where are the rest of the Flash Comics (Jay Garrick)?