Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread

I joined DC Universe specifically for access to mid 70s to mid 80s comics. Many are here which is great, but Superman and Action Comics are the ones that I would love to see here. Why are you prioritizing things like Spectre and Super Friends?
Oh, and enough Harley Quinn, ok? Ok!


From issues 438 to 445

It was part reprint along with new Batman stories and the classic Manhunter stories by the late Great Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson

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OMG I FOUND IT! Thank you so much

I’d like to also request all the remaining triangle era Superman comics. It’d would be great if DC chose those comics as a series to digitalize overtime and finally complete the digitalization of a great era of Superman comics.


I’d like to request the following Brightest Day Tie Ins be digitalized, I searched for them but got no results:

Brightest Day the Atom Special 2010
Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search #1-3


best of luck there

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I second this.

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The Spectre (2001)
Adventure Comics (1938) Spectre issues that don’t appear to have been digitized yet #432, 435, 436, 437
Eradicator (1996) mini-series
The Book of Fate (1997)
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World (1997)


best of luck with those

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(2001) Spectre I second that

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7 and 13 are missing from the 87 Spectre sieres.

Thanks for pointing this out, I’ve passed it along!

Think there’ll be any problems getting those?

Could The Helmet of Fate be added along with Shadowpact #17-25? That would be great. Thanks!

Hi! What are the chances of adding Azrael (2009) to the service?

About the same as the people that run AT&T making a sane decision


One request:

WARLORD (1976-1988)


Batman Family Issue 20?
Does anyone know why this particular issue hasn’t been digitally converted yet? I remember it had a great team up between Batman and Ragman as the cover story.