Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread

Out of curiosity, which series were you hoping to read?

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I’m curious about what older issues and tpb’s get digitized and what gets prioritized? Are certain books chosen to finish collections that are already digital, or are books chosen based on relevance…i.e. a new movie comes out which has a character or characters in it, so books with those characters are fast tracked to be digitized to capitalize on their spotlight?


Maybe they just pick titles out of a hat

Just read some of the back comments. I am glad to hear that soon you will be returning to adding more golden, silver, and bronze age books on a regular basis. I was really enjoying these and will look forward to their returning soon. I am also glad to hear that more vertigo and (hopefully) other smaller DC imprints will make their way to the service also.

One thing that I really wish you would include in your digitizations is (believe it or not) the original ads and letter columns that ran in the original books as well.

Seeing the original house ads, and reading the old letter columns and Direct Currents news columns really add to the flavor of the old books.

In fact I will go so far as to say that when it comes to older newsprint days comics (before everything went to higher quality paper) I would rather look at scans of the actual real
comics (browning newsprint and all) than cleaned up digitizations on clean white backgrounds. Maybe I it’s just a nostalgic reaction but I think that a lot of old school comics look better on browning newsprint.

Just my two cents.

Thank you for listening



That’s a really interesting perspective! I can definitely let the team know and see if there’s any opportunity to see some more genuine legacy issues as part of the digitisation process. It’s likely to make the process a little more intensive, so no promises on anything, but I can absolutely suggest the idea for you :slight_smile:

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So 50/50 on that request?

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Hope to see comic series of…
Batman Earth One
Superman Earth One
Wonder Woman Earth One.

Might want to do a bit of an edit on “Batman Earth Onw”

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I didn’t notice my spelling error, thankyou.:slightly_smiling_face:

you’re welcome

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I wish those were there also. One thing I loved the most about old comic books is that they are almost time capsules. The ads, the letter columns, the Staruday Morning cartoon lineup pages when they were there, the Direct Currends (or Stan’s Soap Box if it was from the other guys) all were windows into the past. Letter columns were especially interesting. Especially when it covered a first appearance of a future important character or looked back at a story that would eventually be a classic, and see what the people of the time were saying.

I am sure there are rights and other issues that might keep those out, especially the adds. But I do wish they would have them.


For some series, the letter columns are ESSENTIAL in understanding the evolution of the storylines.
I read the 80s Omega Men series a few years back. In the letter columns, the editor’s comments were constantly apologizing to the readers for the unsatisfying stories, and promising that the latest round of changes would bring the series to a state of excellence. This continued until the series’ cancellation.
You’re missing half the story without the letter columns.


Very true, you do get some good behind the scenes info on series that often is not discussed these days anywhere. Like the fact in the 80s a Dial H For Hero animated series was in development. Don’t know what happened with it, but few other placed but the letter columns for Adventure Comics and Superboy when they were featured mention that.


Hello Moderators, I was looking at Legends Of The Dark Knight, it has 87 issues, there seem to be one part missing from the last storyline, was there #88 or more?

Adding your request, @Reaganfan78 :slight_smile: To your question, though, I was looking up the wrong comic at first, but I see which one you’re talking about now. There should be an 88th issue, yes, so I’ll add that request in, too!

Noting your feedback, as well, @DanTheManOne1 and @jla172. :smiley:



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Don’t know if this has been mentioned, but the 1987 Spectre series is missing #7, 13 and 30.

(And a reminder about Super Friends missing #2.)

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Welcome back DC digitization team! We have missed you! Literally no idea if any of these requests have ever worked, but this is the place for it so I’m going to keep at it. Regardless, we appreciate the work you do.

This is my monthly request for the essential Question material missing from the archive. I would like to lodge another request for:

  1. The Question’s first appearances in Blue Beetle #1-5 (1967)
  2. The Question crossovers seen in Green Arrow Annual #1-3 (1988)
  3. The coda to Denny O’Neil’s Question run in The Question Quarterly #1-5 (1990).

Thank you, and again, welcome back!


Of my many requests I’ve made in the past couple years, the only one that was fulfilled was Karate Kid. I was beyond excited when it was listed in “November - Coming Soon”… only to deflate when it was pulled from the schedule. And it’s not included in today’s releases either… :sob:

Karate Kid (1976-1978)
Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes (1988)
Who’s Who: Update '87 (1987)
Who’s Who Update '88 (1988)