Comic Store Memories

I found a Book Club Edition of the complete, original Foundation Trilogy there one day in the '80s. It was like striking gold in Virginia City, Nevada.

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Jim Hanley
Was where i bought
Cheap.fair condition.copies of

Green Lantern Green Arrow
Wein Swamp Thing
Wolfman Tomb of Dracula
Roy Thomas
Avengers Kree Skrull War
Conan the Barbarian
Maybe in 1974

How i knew to buy these
I dont remember
Not part of fandom

Dont know when
Paul Levitz Comic Reader
Comic Book Buyers Guide

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Wasn’t there a store called the Batcave?
I went there a few times in the late 80’s early 90’s.


@TurokSonOfStone1950, you’re speaking my language! I love Young All-Stars (I have it collected in two custom hardcover bindings with the first volume being signed by Roy Thomas at a Mike Carbo comic convention a few years ago along with my All-Star Squadron hardcover)

And I’m a big Kim Newman fan, particularly his Anno Dracula and Man From the Diogenes Club books. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dont remember Batcave

For a while got comics
At basement near NYU
Near 3rd st? 6th Avenue

Batcave link


Yeah, I’m pretty sure The Batcave was across from Washington Square Park, but I never frequented that shop.